Lauren Kolstad has lost an incredible 25kgs in 8 months following the Lose Baby Weight Plans and is back on as Motivating Mum for March.


Hello lovely Mummies
So I’m back as a Motivating Mum for March – woop woop so excited
Looking back over the past 8 months has been a whirl of emotions! Just over 8 months ago with my weight going up, I decided I needed to pull my head out, start valuing myself again and do something about it! This was no longer baby weight; instead it was simply the result of poor food choices and every excuse under the sun not to be active. I started with 30kg to lose and it sometimes feels surreal that 8 months on I’m down 25kg and the fittest I have been as an adult.
Back in June 2014, with my son turning 2 in two months’ time, my friend mentioned that she was doing the Lose Baby Weight Winter 28 Day Challenge and encouraged me to sign up. I am so glad I did!! I joined the challenge that day and bought a tub of Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix.
What I didn’t realise at the time was that my decision to join the 28 Day Challenge would be the start of me getting healthy and fit, finding and using my willpower for the first time in years, being a happier and more emotionally stable mother/wife/person and finally, FINALLY, giving a crap about myself and doing something about the rut I was in.
I can’t thank Rhian and the Lose Baby Weight team enough for the amazing program they have put together and the super fantastic closed Facebook support group they admin. Not to mention the fact that my family and I love the amazing food – yum! Without these I’d still be a frumpy, grumpy overweight mum and most likely would have put on even more weight.
At the beginning, with 30kg to lose, I broke my weight loss goals down into 5kg increments and made some lifestyle goals too. My lifestyle goals were to be able to fit on a swing at the park (I swear they make them smaller and smaller) and to go on the trampoline with my son.
Because you see, my goal weight is not just about the number – it’s also about what that number represents. I set myself a goal of 80kg because it brings me into my healthy weight range and greatly lowers my risk of lifestyle related disease like high blood pressure and heart attack. I want to be around for my son and any future kids I might have.
I’m so proud to say that I now regularly go on both the swing and the trampoline with my son. I now call myself a runner, having gone from trying to run at 110kg and not being able to go more than a few meters without nearly passing out, to running 5km in under 30 mins and even a couple of times running 10km! I am competing in my first mini triathlon on first weekend in March! Something that I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought it would do!laurenkolstad2
Now that I’ve ticked some of those lifestyle goals off my list, I’m down to the last 5kg to get to my original goal weight. I really can’t believe it’s so close. It has not been without an occasional blip in the road, but that’s ok, that’s what life is all about. Dealing with the unexpected, the times where you’re not motivated and the times where everything just seems to fall apart a bit. I don’t know anyone who has achieved something without having to go through these kinds of times. Weight loss is the same. One of my favourite quotes is:

When you screw up, skip a workout or eat a bad meal, it doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you human. Welcome to the club. There’s like seven billion of us.

And it’s so true. Acknowledge it. Forgive yourself. And move on. Show yourself a little love, you deserve it and without it you’ll still be stuck beating up on yourself next month xxxx I know if I hadn’t found this mind-set I would be, and I am sure I wouldn’t be 25kg down!
I’m so ready for the March 28 Day Challenge and seriously looking forward to the Pilates! Long lean limbs here I come!! I still do a smoothie for breakfast on my work mornings (Monday -Thursday), cos they’re just so convenient and delish and I am also super KEEN to try all the yummy new recipes this month!
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