Amazing Motivating Mum Lauren Kolstad has lost nearly 15kgs with the Lose Baby Weight plans and shares her mid month progress and how to stay motivated!

Hello again ladies!

I wish that I had great weight loss progress to share with you this week but instead I have really had to refocus after a less than ideal start to week 2 of the September 28 Day Challenge.

Thanks to my son for generously sharing his germs I was sick, not able to eat and bed ridden for three days. This would have usually been the beginning of the end for me, the start of a downward spiral for giving up and going overboard with comfort eating (once I could eat again). As my son had been sick I didn’t have the chance to go grocery shopping for the week, which before would have led to me feeling like I couldn’t get back on track with no food in the house and that getting takeaway for dinner each night would be much easier. I used to feel that since I hadn’t eaten anything over the past few days, that eating whatever I wanted would ‘be fine’. But this time I made the effort to duck to the shops and pick up a few key ingredients (fresh fruit, veggies and eggs) and got my meal plan sorted for the rest of the week. I was back on track!

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed that, while the amount of weight I have lost so far feels amazing (nearly 15kg), I still have to lose the same amount again to get to my goal. To help keep me motivated I saved some inspirational quotes on my phone to use as screen savers – interestingly enough this week’s one was ‘If you keep going – you won’t regret it!’

So with that in mind I refocused on the lifestyle changes I am making to benefit me and my family for the long term. I looked at my before photos and thought – I have worked so damn hard to get here; I don’t want to start over again (again, and again like I have so many times before). I also spoke with some of my fellow mummies from the facebook Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight Private Support Group to hash it out, have my sob session (cos we all need a bit of that emotional release) and then seek support and advice for staying on track.


While I love the challenge for providing motivation and, to be honest, a bit of competitiveness in myself to see what results I can get over the 28 days, I love it so much more for providing awesome recipes each day, an easy to stick to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout which takes me approx. 30mins 6 days a week and a fabulous network of other mummies who are all going through this with me. These are the things that will stick with me in the long term – not how much weight I can lose, as that is just an (awesome) side effect of making these changes.

I’ve seen a few posts in the facebook support group where some mummies are thinking of stopping the challenge because, for one reason or another, you haven’t been able to follow it completely. To you guys I say ‘If you keep going – you won’t regret it!’ Of course we all need to do what we can to get through sometimes, as life can throw some pretty crappy curveballs, but it doesn’t have to mean that you can’t incorporate some healthy lifestyle habits too. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach (see the article posted here).

Why start from the beginning when you have already gotten this far? Why go back to how you were doing it before when you’re already so much closer to a healthier lifestyle now? If you can, try to focus on the changes you have made already, one change a day, a week, a fortnight – if you’re consistently making that one change you will feel so much better and it will be soooooo worth it!

You can do it ladies – you’re strong enough – you’re worth it!


Lauren K

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