Hi ladies, I am so honoured to be one of your motivating mums, to count down to summer and here’s to feeling and looking amazing this year. I have lost 18ks with Lose Baby Weight.
Lose Baby Weight- 18kg Loss

Well we have survived the dreaded winter, with all its coughs and colds and freezing temperatures. But the great news is that summer is just around the corner,hurray!
I have been following the Lose Baby Weight programme including the smoothies and the 28 day book and challenges since May 2014. Approximately 3 months post-partum,and my last baby, 16 months after my first and I knew it was time to focus on me again.
I started at the weight of 72.4kgs and standing only 165cms tall, I was too big for my frame. I immediately fell in love with the convenience of the shakes and the yumminess too. Then I found a whole new love for foods that I didn’t know I even liked, and again the simplicity of the meals and the way that they are designed with the busy mum in mind, fast, affordable ingredients and most importantly nutritious.
The weight started to fall off me, slow but steady and that was before I had even started exercising properly due to my c section, I knew I was onto a winner. Not only has Lose Baby Weight seen me lose 18kgs and getting down to 55kgs, I’ve now been maintaining my weight all throughout winter, and ready to smash this spring and summer and that’s something I’ve never been able to accomplish.
healthy eating meal plans
I have said it before and I will say it again, Lose Baby Weight isn’t a diet, It’s a life long lifestyle of education and nutrition and knowing that it’s about balance, thanks Lose Baby Weight you have truly changed my life.
My top 5 tips for getting summer ready are:

Drink it in

Drink lots of water, I know it’s cliched and some may think it’s a myth,but good hydration is key to beating the bloat and good digestion, also good for filling you up.

Move it, Move it

Get moving everyday, no matter how vigourous or for how long, just do something.I often don’t get to do exercise on purpose, but I’m always doing something.

Hit goals

Set some goals, achievable realistic goals, and aim to reach them within a set time. Having something nice to reward yourself with is a good idea too.

Eat what you love!

Find a few great snacks or meals from the meal plans and make them in bulk. You will eat more mindfully and nutritiously if you enjoy it!

Be prepared

Going into spring and summer its party season. Days are longer and nights are hotter, so it usually equals barbies and cocktails,and that’s fine in moderation. But I always carry some nuts or some fruit on me and my trusty 1ltre water bottle everywhere with me so that I am not tempted by other things, and if I am at least I will be already full.
So excited to be counting down to summer ladies, lets shine!
Lauren Jones xx

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