The amazing Lauren Breedt has lost over 47kg following the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Weightloss Challenges. Today she updates us with her progress.
Hey ladies! April 1 marks exactly 11 months since I started my weightloss journey.
It’s absolutely crazy to me to think that it’s nearly been a year, in the sense that it’s been a long but incredibly short time. I’m SO thankful I decided to commit 100% to 28 Day Weightloss Challenges and actually change my life.
Lose Baby Weight-46kg LossI really wouldn’t be here without the recipes and tips that Lose Baby Weight offer on their website, and without the daily tools I learnt from doing the 28 Day Weihtloss Challenges. Learning the calorie and health benefits of particular foods and being able to incorporate them into everyday living. I strive off of routine, similar meals daily etc. I like variety but I don’t like constant variety, just small changes. I try to keep to fairly similar breakfasts and lunches and alternate snacks and then we always change it up a bit at dinner.
So far I’ve lost 48kgs. From 103kgs to 55kgs. I am so happy at the current weight I am and currently I’m just striving to maintain, and continue fuelling my body with healthy food and enjoying exercise for the fitness and endorphins benefits!
Fitness, thankfully for me, is very easy to obtain and maintain. The main thing is being motivated to start! I would recommend that you find what you like and what drives you. And that changes, it’s being willing to change with it.
I started with HIIT workouts from the 28 Day Weightloss Challenge, and I still do it, but I run more now, and do more weight training than HIIT. HIIT (high intensity interval training) is great for weight loss but weight training is great for toning and sculpting! Combined it’s all amazing for your body. In essence, healthy eating is the main thing to focus on… ANY exercise you can do will benefit and keep your body happy and healthy! Literally anything!
I stay motivated simply because I’m happy. I think if I wasn’t happy in this, I wouldn’t be motivated. Some days it’s hard but the motivation has not left me, not even once.
I would choose this body EVERY SINGLE DAY, and do choose it. I simply refuse to ever come close to what I was. I realise that’s a lifelong battle but I am far too happy and healthy right now to give it away.
If you’re finding it gets too “hard”, change what you’re doing, find something else that makes you feel good! There’s a million and one ways to raise your heart rate, find what you love, do it til you hate it, then find something else. Similar with food. If you’re not enjoying what you’re eating, change it up! Find something else healthy that you absolutely love.
Your relationship with food is completely mental. It’s finding joy and goodness in health instead of just what your mind wants to eat. Your mind tells you that junk will taste good, so it’s training it to think about how you’ll feel after, and focusing on that. Then thinking about if you ate healthy, how your body would feel then. Usually the healthy thinking wins out!
Also try to practise at least one phrase or sentence of self-love once a day. Say “I love you” or “I’m proud of you” or “I’m working my butt off for you, because you’re worth it” or “let’s do this today!” or even just “I’m here”. Try to incorporate this into your daily lifestyle. Words of affirmation will encourage and grow you and motivate you. Don’t let negativity win the battle. It’s daily, and constant! But you are SO worth the effort! You can join the May Belly Busting 28 Day Challenge here
Lauren xo
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