My name is Laura and I’m one of your motivating mums this month. I first found Lose baby Weight two years ago after the birth of my first son and lost 34 kilos* in 10 months.
Lose Baby Weight 34kg Loss

I have since been pregnant again and regained some of that weight while pregnant however with the help of the healthy mummy 28 day challenges I’m well on my way to losing that weight and becoming my lightest weight in 8 years.
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I started 2016 as committed as I’ve ever been to being healthy and active and made a pact to myself that I would follow the challenge exercises or DVD every day this month.
I had previously been using my exercise bike and was finding my exercise to be stale and uninspired, I think I was also getting a little lazy with the familiarity of doing the same thing I had been doing for the past couple of years.
In 11 days I have lost 20 cms off my body and I feel fantastic. The exercises have given me a new lease, I’m more energetic and I can feel the toning I’m so desperate for happening right before my very eyes.
If there is an exercise that I don’t feel ready for post Caesar there are plenty of alternatives or I swap it for a section of The Healthy Mummy post pregnancy DVD which may be the best DVD of any kind that I’ve ever owned.
I have mentioned before that breastfeeding and post HG has been slowing down my weight loss and I wanted to chat about how I stay motivated when the scales aren’t moving as fast as I’d like.
best ways to lose weight
I came up with a  non weight loss related goal. I wanted to work on the shape of my body this year and to do that I knew I needed to change the exercise I was doing. By having a goal I thought was achievable it makes it much easier to stay on track and be focused on being healthy.
I’ve been open in the private support group about how I battle some anxiety and depression. Before Christmas I was finding that I was struggling with both more than usual and it was having quite an impact on my life.
As part of my motivating mum pack I received some Healthy Mummy fish oil tablets and on doing some research discovered that they help reduce anxiety.
I started taking three tablets a day as well as magnesium and haven’t had a severe attack since. The Healthy Mummy fish oil tablets are really easy to take and don’t have any taste.
They are also proven to help with boosting metabolism so it will be interesting to see at my end of month weigh in if they have helped with the weight side of things.
I’m looking forward to keeping up this hard work as the month continues and look forward to chatting with you in the private support group.
Take care,
Laura xx
Get your FREE recipe sampler from the 28 Day Challenge here 
1601_THM_BA_FBMREC_FreeFebSamplerSampler4Or you can join the challenge directly here 

Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

Mums lose an average of 4-6kg (8-13 pounds) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too!
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Casey lost 22.3kg* with the 28 Day Challenge
Casey says: “I tried another very popular weight loss program and it didn’t work. It was full of processed sugar laden foods and I thought this can’t be right! I’m starving! I had followed LBW on Facebook but couldn’t get my head around “more food is less weight” and was too scared to try it.
In FEB I did! And thank god! Because all of a sudden everything just “clicked” and made sense!! How could I have lived my life as a big girl! Surely it can’t be this easy!! Well it is. Thanks to the LBW team I’m almost (about 8 kg) from my goal weight! I have popped the scales away for 100 days til summer!! Here is to a healthier me – for the rest of my life!!
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