Hi Lose Baby Weight!
I have 2 kids a 2.5 year old boy and 20 week old girl , and had a csection with both and am still breastfeeding also.
My starting was at 88kgs and I have now lost a total of 11kgs and 8cm off my stomach with the Lose Baby Weight plans.
weight lossI am doing really well with my new healthy eating diet and drinking a lot more water than I used to.
I don’t drink any soft drink or alcohol and the portion size of my meals is satisfying me enough .
Not only is the Lose Baby Weight plan changing my body shape it is changing all facets of my life .
I am so much happier and motivated to get out of bed every day .
I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful weight loss plan , I am still challenging myself everyday and can’t wait to get to my goal weight of 60kgs.
Lara Sheppard
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