Hi Lose Baby Weight,
I have accomplished my biggest weight loss goal so far while being a January motivating mum and that is getting under 60kgs!
I weighed myself on Monday and was delighted to see 59.8kgs on the scales. I dont even remember the last time I was this light except in high school -I had been in the 70s for so many years.
I have lost a total of 16.2kgs since I started the Lose Baby Weight plans at the end of August and 2kgs this month.
We are moving house and have been busy packing this last week. I couldnt beleive it trying on all my work clothes which were getting tight before I was pregnant – the pants and skirts especially just fell straight off now (they were size 14s). So I sent many bags of clothes to Lifeline and will need new ones in a size 10 when I return to work. It feels so great to try on smaller clothes and have them fit, even though my mind thinks they wont!
Im enjoying walking more as I slacked off in December – though I must admit I just cant say no to ice cream.  I would like to buy a food processor so I can make the banana and peanut butter ice cream from the Lose Baby Weight website.
SmoothieOur favourite meal this fortnight has been the Salmon Nicoise salad from the 28 day plan. We had never tried salmon before starting the Lose Baby Weight and now really enjoy it. I tried a new healthy mummy smoothie this week too –  a banana and walnut smoothie, and it was delicious
I have less than 4kgs to go until I reach my goal weight of 56kgs, though I’m in no rush.
Thanks to the Lose Baby Weight team and the other mums who keep me motivated.
Cheers, Lacey Maguire
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