Hi Mummies, my name is Lacey Maguire and I am very excited to be a Lose Baby Weight motivating mum for January and bringing you my weight loss results on the Healthy Mummy weight loss plan – which I hope will inspire you too.
I am 26 and my son is nine months old. I was 76kgs before I fell pregnant and tipped the scales at 90kgs just before he was born (I was carrying alot of fluid). I knew I was overweight before I got pregnant but I thought to myself (though I would never have said it aloud) “oh well I am going to be pregnant soon so no-one will notice”.
How foolish! While I returned to my prepregnancy weight a few weeks after birth, my body shape had totally changed. I already have a big sweet tooth which worsened with breastfeeding. I would have three slices of white toast with jam and a large cold Milo for breakfast and two chocolate LCM bars for morning tea – yikes!
I felt ready to lose weight when my son was five months old and we had got over an operation he needed. I came across the Lose Baby Weight facebook page through a mutual friend and started researching their website. I was impressed with all the information and help that was readily available. Not like other weight loss plans where you pay a couple hundred dollars before you can access eating and exercise plans. I was nervous as I had never successfully lost weight before but I was inspired by the other mums’ stories and their before and after photos.
I started on the 28 day plan and the healthy mummy smoothies and got great results, losing 10kgs in the first nine weeks.
I have a healthy mummy smoothie for breakfast and lunch, my favourite is the banana, honey and oat. My favourite meal from the 28 day plan is the thai beef salad and the healthy mexican lasagna from the website is delicious! I take my son for a walk in his pram most days, though I would like to try some exercises from the LBW exercise DVD.
I have now lost 15kgs in four months. My goal weight is 56kgs so I am down to the last five kilos which will be hard work.
I find the 28 day plan so easy to follow and now understand calories thanks to the calorie bible. I cant believe that a store-bought flavoured milk has more calories than an entire lbw dinner!
My goals for January are:

  • See 59.9kgs on the scales, it will be amazing to be in the 50s again
  • Make more time to exercise and try the LBW exercise dvd
  • Complete the 28 day plan again in full
  • Try new recipies from the Spring and Summer cookbook
  • Motivate some other mums to start their journey

BEFORE STATS – 27/08/2013

  • Weight 76kgs
  • Size 14
  • BMI 28.6 (overweight)
  • Bust 102cm
  • Waist 85cm
  • Hips 108cm
  • Thighs 66cm


  • Weight 62kgs
  • Size 10
  • BMI 22.9 (normal)
  • Bust 96cm
  • Waist 77cm
  • Hips 97cm
  • Thighs 56cm

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