Hi Lose Baby Weight, I joined up with you guys at the beginning of January as I wanted a weight loss plan that was going to give me a good structure and plan to stick to to shift this baby weight and start fitting into some clothes again and feel better about myself!
I loved the weekly menu and the variety it offered and am thinking I might try the Healthy Mummy Smoothies for those busy days where you just need something quick, simple and yummy!!! 🙂
My weight after having my daughter was 89kgs…by the beginning of January when I joined up was 77kgs and on 31st January, 2013 I was down to 71.2kgs 😀 😀 😀  
I am so so happy with such a great loss so far and cannot wait to keep it going and get down to my goal of 65kgs which is now quite a bit closer!!!  Thank you so much for the motivational/informative regular emails, I found they have helped keep me focused on what i am doing and have offered some great reading/learning!
My stats at beginning of January

  • Weight –  77kgs
  • Bust –     103cms
  • Waist –    89.5cm
  • Hips –     112.5cm
  • Thighs –  66.5cm

Measurements today were

  • Weight –  71.2kgs   (minus 5.8kgs)
  • Bust –     98cm       (minus 5cms)
  • Waist –   80.5cm     (minus 9cms)
  • Hips –     108cm      (minus 4.5cms)
  • Thighs –  63.5cm     (minus 3cms)

I have also attached a before and after photo.  I feel soooo much better already and i’m only halfway there 🙂 Kylie Maguire
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