Krystal begins her healthy eating diet plan with Lose Baby Weight and is really enjoying her new healthier lifestyle. She shares her story here:
I have been on the Lose Baby Weight plans for 6 weeks now and for the last 4 I was following the 28 Day Winter Weight Loss Challenge!
I have had 7 pregnancies and 5 babies (aged: 11, 8, stillborn, 4, and 10 weeks). I was always a size 8 but my weight has been up and down since I was 21 when I had number one. After number two I lost all my weight and was back into a size 9. With number three I put the weight back on but after we lost our baby my ex and I separated and I wasn’t looking after myself, I lost too much weight and wasn’t eating much at all.
I then met my now husband who showed me that life could be good again and I realised I had two beautiful girls who needed a healthy mum to take care of them. My appetite came back and so did the weight. I fell pregnant with number four and when he was a baby he had silent reflux so I cut all dairy out of my diet to help him with that and got back down to a size 10.
Yet again I put it back on and now we have just had number five, our last baby and I’m determined to not only lose the weight again but keep it off this time!
I started at 83kg (12/6/14) I have lost 8.7kg now weighing 75.3kg (28/7/14) I still have many more kilos to lose but this time it’s not about the weight so much but more about my fitness. I want exercise to become apart of my everyday life.
Thanks Lose Baby Weight!
Krystal Baker

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