I recently had a little boy Talon who is now 7 months old, born in March 2013. I put on 22kg throughout my pregnancy. Before I was pregnant I weighed 55kg and got up to 77kg which is massive for me as I’m not a very big build anyways.
Once I had Talon I gave myself time to heal and mend after giving birth and once I was given the all clear I knew I had to get back to my pre baby body (not only so I could fit all of my wardrobe) but for my mental state and I needed to find a weight loss plan that was going to work


I would never have called myself “over weight” but felt very out of sorts having had all this extra weight on me that I just wasn’t used too… I was on Facebook one night doing a midnight feed and came across the ‘Lose Baby Weight’ site and weight loss plan, I’d never heard about it so did a bit of research and read members blogs and their weight loss stories & thought I’d give it a crack, and since I joined I’ve never looked back and am now 8.9kg lighter and a much happier me 🙂
I absolutely love the healthy mummy smoothies and have at least one (if not two some days) to help break up my day with struggles of making time to eat having such a young baby.
I use the calorie bible a lot to keep on track with my portion sizes etc so not to go over board with food. I have lost a total of 36cm’s overall off my body and love love love watching those scales go down every week 🙂
Some days the scales don’t go down and that’s also ok as I have been doing a little bit of weights training so am most likely building muscle up 🙂 I look forward to going on Facebook and the website to checking out new ideas and recipes, lose baby weight has helped me be a better and healthier me and I’m so grateful I found such a close company who understands and is there always to help answer any questions and offer support 🙂
Kristy Rawson Xx
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