Where do I start after 3 kids it takes its toll.
I have never gotten under 80 and I guess I didn’t love myself or have confidence in my ability to lose any more of my post baby weight.
I was always tired ,always some one else more important to come first.
I saw lose baby weight on facebook and although I had tried diets/shakes what feels like thousands of times I felt compelled with all the testimonies to try.
I’m so glad I did. The Healthy Mummy Smoothies give me so much energy I was able to kick my coffee habit which wasn’t giving me any health benefits and now with the recipe books I actually feel a drive to cook for the family – and I have now lost 5.2kg
Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 2.13.50 PM
We eat at the table now as opposed to the 3 takeaways a week and my exercise has increased and with that my body shape is changing and I have a more confident outlook on my day.
I’m also stronger so less visits to osteo. My family are benefiting,my 16yr old son has lost 6 kg and my husband who is now motivated to start getting healthy himself.
Can’t wait to get my Guilt Free choc cookbook I am excited ,maybe ill find another favourite night treat ,at moment its the choc cake with beetroot as main ingredient ,yum.
I’m confident I have made lifestyle change and can’t wait to reach my goal of 70 for first time in my life,I’m nearly there currently at 75kg.
Thanks Lose Baby Weight for giving me the tools and motivation to finally do this.
Kristy Reid
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