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Kristy’s Update & 6.8kg Weight Loss

Hi guys, This is my 4th blog for September on the Lose Baby Weight plans, and things are still going really good for me, I’m still following the healthy mummy smoothies and 28 day meal plans and have been going to the gym 4 times a week when I can 🙂 some days bub has other plans though and I can’t make it after all so I’ll do my own workout at home while his having his sleep.


Weight wise – I am still weighing the same (57.3kg) but that’s okay as long as the scales are not going UP! I have been doing quite a lot of weights so was actually expecting the scales the go up a little due to building muscle but have managed to maintain the scale weight, on a better note for me almost all of my pre pregnancy clothes are fitting again and that to me is such a better feeling than seeing a number on the scales. It’s the best feeling to be able to pick up anything & it fits 🙂
CookbookThe chocolate cravings got the better of me this week and I definitely have my fair share of “whoops” days!!
But that’s ok, I’m not going to let myself get beat, I’ll just pretend it never happened and get myself back into that mind set I was at a week ago. It’s funny though the yourself getting thin again you think “I might just have a small piece of cake” or whatever it is, but it’s so not even worth it, for that minute of eating it can mean an hour of training to get it back off, I just need to remember that next time I go to pick up something naughty.
I’m not saying I’ll never eat something naughty again because for anyone that knows me knows that chocolate is part of my DNA haha!! It just need to be small portions and the right choice, I’m about to order a bunch of the healthy mummy treats to get me put of trouble 🙂
Training is going awesome, I’m getting fitter everyday, I wear my heart rate monitor so I can see how many calories I’m burning per session and at the moment I’m getting around 700 per day of training which is massive so have been eating a bit more fruit’s & yoghurts for snacks.
Loving the spring cookbook, we are such a massive BBQ using family so it’s really easy to pick something and wack it on the BBQ for dinner 🙂
Weight loss to date it 6.8kg with 1.2kg left to reach my goal 🙂 so close now and just in time for summer dresses xx yay
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