Hi my name is Kristie and I would love to share my weight loss journey with you all.
Firstly I would love to thank Lose Baby Weight for all the help and support!
I have always been skinny my whole life, up until I fell pregnant with my first son back on March 2009 when I weighed 68kgs.
The day I went into labour with my first son I weighed 97.2 kgs.
After having my son I lost 15kgs in the first week or so.
The lightest I got down to after having my first son was 72kgs. Then I went up to 75kgs and stayed at that weight for a while.


We started trying for another baby when my son was 12 months old. Not working either I packed on the weight and was up to 81kgs.
My doctor that I was seeing for infertility told me I needed to lose weight. I started trying to lose some weight and I lost 2.5kgs in 3 weeks.
Then I fell pregnant so obviously I put the weight back on and was up to 81kgs again when I stopped dieting.
I only put 2 kgs in the first 14 weeks and then after that I put on 7 weeks in 6 weeks.
I stopped weighing myself when I got up to 105kgs at 34 weeks. I think by full term I would have been at least 112 kgs if not more.
After having my second son I was down to 96.4kgs when he was just 4 weeks old which is the photo on the left.
I stayed at 96.4kgs till he was 3 months old and that’s when I started the Lose Baby Weight Smoothies and that’s when I started losing my weight.
I usually have a healthy mummy smoothie for breakfast and lunch, but sometimes just for breakfast.
I have not finished losing weight yet. I would love to get down to at least 60kgs.
I have lost 10.2kgs and also lost 66.5cms all up off my body!
My measurements at 96.4kgs:

  • Bust:- 107cms
  • Waist :- 125cms
  • Hips:- 127cms
  • Thighs:- 74.5cm

My measurements as of today 12/04/13

  • Bust:- 98cms
  • Waist:- 96.5cms
  • Hips:- 106.5cms
  • Thighs:- 65cms

Thanks for listening to my story and hope to keep you updated when I lose another 10kgs!
– Kristie Peebles
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