12 months after my third (and last) child was born I was keen to budge those ‘last few kilos’ that were left.
During my son’s first year I had managed to lose 5.5kg on plenty of walking and simply by changing my portion sizes.
Although this was good I still could not lose the extra 6.5kg to get me back to my pre-baby weight.
Than I came across Lose Baby Weight on Facebook.


After many months of looking at many great results and wishing that was me I finally took the step to sign up.
I was also 3 months from turning 30 and saw it as an opportunity to look and feel great about myself for my birthday.
I started out buying some of the healthy mummy smoothie mixes and began my routine of having smoothies for breakfast and lunch and having healthy snacks in between.
I also had a meal from the Lose Baby Weight recipes website every night.
My husband was on board with my cooking from the beginning and loved coming home to see what I’d chosen to cook each night.
In fact our whole family loved the easy to make, tasty recipes. Especially the low fat spaghetti!
I learnt how to eat right through the day from your website and found my metabolism was on the move again.
My husband also lost 5kg with me so I’m very thankful for that too.
I also incorporated 30 mins treadmill each night to help myself further. This notably accelerated my weight loss.
After 10 weeks following this routine I had managed to lose 6.5kg!
Celebrating my 30th I felt so good about myself. I felt fitter and healthier than ever.
After I calmed down from the week long birthday celebrations, I have managed to lose a further 0.5kg and most importantly maintain it with continued exercise and a healthier mind set.
Thank you so much for the online support and information to help me achieve my goal.
– Kirby Knights
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