This week I feel like I have been really motivated to keep fit and healthy. I got on the scales this morning and I cannot believe that I have lost 500g.
When I first started with the lose baby weight plans I weighed almost 75kg and my goal weight was to get down to 68kg which I felt was a realistic and healthy weight for me.
Today, I weighed myself and I am 64.1 kg and 11kg down! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get down that low on the scales. It is really motivating me to keep up my hard work


I have still been having two healthy mummy smoothies a day and I have been trying to get more creative with different recipes. I bought chocolate almond milk this week which I have been loving with the chocolate healthy mummy smoothie mix and mint and I have been trying different fruits like watermelon and kiwi fruit with the vanilla smoothie mix.
I have been trying all the recipes from the lose baby weight website, 28 day plan and the new spring/summer cookbook. I love how simple and healthy the recipes are. My favorites have been the zucchini and feta loaf and the avocado, pumpkin and walnut salad.
I have been managing a walk everyday and I haven’t let the rain or bad weather stop me. I put my baby in the pram with the wet weather shield and just go! I have also been managing to use my stairs at home to do step ups and I have been motivating myself to do 5 mins of exercise here and there. I am really enjoying my boxing classes and go with a friend which also motivates me to get out of the house at 7.30pm at night!
My goal now is really for me to maintain my weight loss and keep up the exercise. I really feel like I am the healthiest I have been in a very long time and I want to continue to feel that way. Thank you lose baby weight for your excellent plans and support!
Kimberly Charles
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