‘I began my weight loss with Lose Baby Weight on the 25th of May 2013.
My second daughter Sienna was born in February and after a few months I decided it was time to make some healthier choices to lose some of the baby weight.
I had put on 10kg with Sienna which took me up to 75kg. I was able to lose 2.5kg  of that on my own but was finding it really hard to lose any more than that.


I kept seeing all the amazing inspirational stories on the Lose Baby Weight website and I decided to give the Healthy Mummy Smoothies a go.

I was really skeptical to begin with as a ‘liquid diet’ is not something that I thought I would ever stick to but I thought ‘what have I got to lose??!!’
So on the 25th of May, I decided to purchase the smoothies and give them a go.
I started off having one smoothie for breakfast and stick with the 28 Day Plan the rest of the time.
I was soooo surprised at how yummy the healthy mummy smoothies were and how full I was on them.
My breakfast smoothie was keeping me full right up to lunchtime.
I am now having a healthy mummy smoothie for breakfast and lunch and if I don’t get to have them, I really miss them!
My original goal was to get down to 68kg and I am pleased to say that I weighed myself this morning and I am 67.5kg making my total weight loss since starting 5kg.
My new goal is to get down to 65kg and who knows where after that!!’
– Kimberley Charles
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