Hello ladies, my name is Kim Steuart. I am a full time wife and mum to an amazing supportive husband and 2 kids, Miss 9 and Mr 5.

I have lost 28.5kg and over 110 cms to date using The Healthy Mummy 28 day weight loss challenges and I am here to be one of your Motivating Mums this July.Kim Steuart July motivating mum

I started my weight loss journey on 2nd October 2014 weighing the heaviest I’d ever been in my short 30 years of life, after stacking on 10kg quitting smoking. I remember feeling sad, disgusted and embarrassed I’d let myself get so big.  I hated myself and I was turning into a negative Nancy at life. I was a sit and watch mum and wanted to hide at home instead of being out with my family. I was missing out on making memories with the ones I loved!

It was a conversation between my sister and I which saw me start researching about this company ‘lose baby weight’. I joined the private fb group and watched quietly for some time while making small changes in my daily grinds!! The last 12 months I’ve added the smoothies into my daily menu – they are a pot of powdered gold.

I was a brekky skipper for 15 years previous and I haven’t missed a day to date since starting with the Healthy Mummy smoothies.

3 months ago I ‘finally’ signed up to the 28 day weigh loss challenges and I’m loving it – the exercises are easy yet effective and having access to hundreds of quick tasty meals for myself and family – who wouldn’t want that??

I started out by taking “that” step – photos and measurements – well wasn’t that daunting. Behind closed doors I stood there face to face with me I looked, stared and cried I hated what was looking back at me – then I gave myself a stern talking to which I still do regularly if need be. I was so tempted for the first 3 months to delete the photos.  I felt sick looking at them but I’m so glad I didn’t, as I use ‘them’ as motivation when I’m going through a rough patch.  Like now I’ve been in a plateau for 2+ months and those photos, clothes and measurements are the only thing that kept me on track!

I purchased a second hand treadmill, which for a long while was a dust collector, before I actually started using it. I also ordered the Healthy Mummy exercise DVD  as something I could do in my own home not having to worry about people looking at me exercising.

Now nearly 2 years on I still LOVE the DVD on cold wet wintery days or on days when I need to change up my exercises.

I started walking on my treadmill, just 10 minutes a day, and yes it felt like I was on it for a lifetime. I was so unfit it was a HUGE wakeup call.  Looking back now I was struggling to walk 1km, yes 1km,  and now I’m running 3-4km without stopping  and working on my 5km goal by the end of winter! I’ve also recently added a boxing bag to my collection of toys – bring on them toned arms.

My first major goal was to reach pre-pregnancy 84kg, which I hadn’t seen for 8 years. I was stoked the day I saw those numbers on the scales, finally things were starting to look good! This was the point I actually started believing in myself and everything fell into place!  I am wearing size 12 jeans (coming from a tight size 18) which I couldn’t do up 2.5 months ago which is a huge achievement for me.

I have never felt so confident comfortable and happy in my own skin before, I love me for me and finally appreciate what my body has been through to give me 2 beautiful kids.

My ultimate goal is 65kg which will just put me in the ‘healthy’ weight range. I”m not quitting until I get there.

Kim x

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Here are some INCREDIBLE results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge.


Tania lost 24kgs* on our 28 day weight loss challenge
Weight loss results
 Tania says: “87kgs to 63kg in these pics. The before pic was after I had my daughter in March 2013, I got down from 96kg to 80kg after having her, and then tried for baby #2. in July 2014 I had my twin boys, and settled at 86kg after their birth. Now sitting at 63kg and aiming for 58kg and a whole lot more muscle.” 
You won’t regret it!
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