lose_baby_weightDo you often feel like you’re thinking irrationally since becoming a parent? You get into a routine with your babies and think ‘great, this is how they’ll be forever’ or ‘oh no my baby wakes up every night at 1am, will they do this forever?’

Lose Baby Weight decided to ask parenting and baby website, Bub Hub, what they know about what does and doesn’t last when you have babies and how you can cope with irrational thinking.

Here, Bub Hub writer Rebecca Galton shares her thoughts:

When I became a parent, I lost something. Besides the usual things that parents of young children lose (about four hours of sleep a night, the ability to shower undisturbed and the freedom to leave the house on a whim) I lost the ability to think rationally about the future. And I don’t think I’m the only one.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Scenario one: Baby sleeps all night for the first time ever at 12 weeks old. New non-rational me thinks baby will sleep ALL NIGHT from now until forever. And thank goodness for that!!

Scenario two: Baby (who, surprise, surprise DIDN’T sleep through until forever) wakes up at 10pm one night and wants to play until 12.30am. I assume – after just one night of midnight games – that THIS is the new normal. That baby will NEVER sleep through the night again and instead will wake until at 10pm every night until she leaves home at 18 years old (who am I kidding, 28 years old).

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