Kerri has lost 3kgs plus 36 centimetres from her body measurements since doing one of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. She loves the healthy eating diet plans on the Challenges and is proud that she didn’t give up when things got difficult.
lose baby weight
This was my first ever Challenge at 12 weeks post baby number 2, the only difference being I didn’t lose my baby weight after my baby was born.
I was honestly so nervous about this Challenge as I know how hard it was to lose 8kgs with my first baby but knowing I had to lose 18kgs this time, before end of September, was a scary thought.
I was very proud of myself after the first week, losing 1.5kgs but then got caught up in the number on the scales on the 2nd and 3rd weeks, only losing 400g for those 2 weeks.
Now normally I would have given up but I went back and reassessed my calorie intake and with the help of the members on the Facebook support page I turned things around to end well with 1kg loss and my total loss being 3kgs in the 4 weeks.
I’m more amazed at how much difference I can see in my before and after photos, with a massive 36cm lost in total. I now believe that it’s not all about the scales.
The food on the Challenge is fantastic and so easy to customise, even for a fussy toddler and hubby who now looks forward to the 28 Day Challenge meals. I actually love food more than before but the best part about it is that it’s the healthy version.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
I love how light I feel after eating, I’m never hungry and know that I can now whack this weight in the bum!
I can’t go a day without my Healthy Mummy Smoothie. These really hit the milkshake craving for me.
I’m still working to improve my exercise in the next Challenge but I love that I found the trampoline workout, being something fun I can do with my 2yo while bub is asleep. Sweat will slowly become my friend.
Thank you so much I can feel this has already changed my lifestyle for my whole family.
Kerri Leayr
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