Kayleen Johnson has lost over an amazing 19kgs with Lose Baby Weight and is continuing on for being a Motivating Mum for March.kayleenj2

I am very honoured and proud to continue my journey as a Motivating Mummy for March 2015, I am a busy working mum of a 2 yr old little boy who is my world, along with hubby of course.
So it has been 7 months since I have started my journey following Lose Baby Weight and currently have lost 19. 6 kgs and I am no longer that unhappy unhealthy person, I am loving the new improved me, feeling more confident with myself and more determined then ever to make my goal weight of 75 kg and to run a marathon.
I have mostly focus my weight loss journey around my goals  and this month is no exception. I will continue to be a great role for my son, to cook nutritious  healthy budget meals which I have learnt so much by following Lose Baby Weight .
And then there are my exercise goals which is to run 40 km runs a wk and to focus on my core and that is an area I tend to keep away from as floor exercises and core exercises in general  is outside my comfort zone but not no more as I’m determined for my spare tyre to shrink.
I am so looking forward to smashing out the March 28 Day Challenge this month and as we have a small budget I’m determined to make it work. I have chosen sensibly and believe you can do it on a small budget. I have lost nearly 20 kg doing it this way and I wouldn’t have it any other way, it is awesome that the team from Lose Baby Weight has put in a custom able menu option allowing you to choose from so many delicious meals suited for every budget , dietary requirements and fussy eaters.
For the meals I like to try but the ingredients aren’t in my budget for that wk I make a list and then try them one at a time when I do have more funds. Making double of meals also is a great budget idea and I’ve learnt not to waste anything and my freezer is full of delicious meals for those days there is no time to cook.
As I suffer my anxiety and OCD pushing through the mental barrier of those tough exhausting days you just want to binge eat on all junk food is extremely difficult. But through lbw I have learnt how to handle it so much better, stocking on lbw treats at work, in the car and at home has saved me so many times.
There are times where I do binge eat but I hold no guilt and I just refocus on my goals and keep going. Going for a   run has been my way to handle those mentally draining days. I feel so much better and refocus afterwards. So my tip is to find something u like to do and when u want to turn to those chocolate or chips you may be craving turn to your interest which will take your mind off things.
So let’s make March our best month yet for 2015 and I hope I can continue to inspire and motivate all you beautiful ladies 🙂
Kayleen Johnson
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