Kayleen Johnson has lost an amazing 18kgs with Lose Baby Weight and becomes a Motivating Mum for February and shares how she has improved her anxiety and is now running 10kms.

I am very honoured and proud to be one of the motivating mummies for February 2015, I am a busy working mum of a 2 yr old little boy who definitely keep me on my toes.
In July I had realised I had to do something about my ever expanding waist line . I was eating very unhealthy and was 108 kg approx, very stressed and generally unhappy. I also realised that with being busy I would often grab take away,  basic meals, or put some frozen food in the oven for dinner for my son and husband and I, I always tried to ensure my son ate a well balanced diet but as he got older he wanted our food, so I knew I had to be a better role model for him.
Turning a full circle now from that unhappy unhealthy person to a very happy person well on her way to her goal weight and being a fitter healthier mummy and wife. My family is eating so much more healthier food and I have notice a big difference in my sons behaviour once eating a more regular healthy diet with less processes food. Being organised and prepared is what helps me, preparing and freezing meals on the weekends  and it’s great for keeping in the freezer for those busy days.
My willpower and motivation grew and grew from when I started from Lose Baby Weight in July. In September it was my first 28 Day Challenge and I love them
My motto for everything is that I will just give it a go, ain’t losing nothing. This is when I started running and really enjoyed it, couldn’t even run 50 m but I am very determined mummy and kept trying never giving up, currently can run 10 km and have a goal of running 2015 km total for this year, 3 half marathons and 2 triathlons.
I suffer from severe anxiety/ OCD and following Lose Baby Weight plans and exercise has lesson my panic attacks by more then half, I was on the verge of getting medication but changing my lifestyle has made a huge difference and I am forever grateful to lbw for changing my life.
For also one of the reasons why I’m determined and committed to reach my goals and I won’t give up doesn’t matter how many times I keep falling off the wagon I just get back on and keep trying.  Baby steps was the key for me , running my own race , doesn’t matter how long it takes I will get there. But I couldn’t turn back to the old stressful panic women I used to be, it was controlling my life. But now I happily control it so much better. And so now I’m sitting around the middle of my journey at 89.9 kgs with a total of 18 kgs gone forever. Hoping for a goal weight one day of 75 kgs.
One of the biggest motivators for me was my son, I didn’t want him to grow up eating unhealthy food and being a couch potato. Now my son loves to keep active with me, he even try’s to run with me. He also is very happy to eat a piece of fruit over sweet sugary biscuits any day.
Another motivator for me is the support from my husband . He has seen a massive positive change  from me and himself have lost 8kgs since eating the food I cook and prepare for him, Lose Baby Weight of course.
I want to encourage and motivate all you beautiful mummies to just keep going, this is your journey with not a finishing date. I hope I have inspired you in some way, feel free anytime to ask questions or to chat.  Find a motivator, set some goals and aim high mummies, we can do anything if we just try.
Kayleen Johnson
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