My post baby weight weightloss journey has been an incredible 9 months thanks to the lose baby weight plans and products.
I have lost a total of 23.5kg of post baby weight and couldn’t be happier. The last part if my journey has been the longest part but life has definitely been very busy with my daughter starting school full time, my husband is now working at home and not away (YIPEE) and I have started working from home.
So trying to find the balance between everything is proving to be difficult but I am getting there with lots of support and advice from lose baby weight and fellow motivating mums.
I am back on board for April as a motivating mum as I want to keep myself on track 110% and would like to see the number 55 on my scales!!!
This month I hope to achieve my goal of running 10km. I would also like to get to 55kg one of my weightloss goals.
So this month there will be lots of healthy mummy smoothies, healthy eating meals from the 28 day plan, lots of incidental exercise, lose baby weight DVD, running, meal planning and meal prep to help keep me and hopefully you on track too!!!!
Stay happy and healthy xoxo
Kat Brown
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