I have been having a tough time with the scales over the past few months and was letting them control my life- not just my weightloss!! This was silly as I have lost 23 kg with the lose baby weight plans since June 2013 and they were making me feel like I was achieving nothing!
So hubby put them in the shed and that was that!
What a pressure release it was!
More time to focus on healthy eating and exercise.
Fast forward to march and weigh in day and boom- the scales had gone DOWN!!!! YES!!!! Finally the plateau was OVER!


So I thought I would share what changes I made to help break that plateau of weight loss.
1: Challenge yourself- I upped my exercise to at least 2 hrs a day. This included the healthy mummy exercise DVD, running, weights, circuit training, pilaties, HIIT- I have been doing all sorts!
2: Mix it up with your diet- I normally have 2 healthy mummy smoothies a day so I mixed it up and started having eggs for breakfast every day. I did this for 2 weeks and then went back to 2 smoothies a day. I think my body had gotten used to my every day routine.
3: Calorie counting- for me this does my head in! I concentrate far too much on what number something is as to its nutritional benefit. So I re-assessed my BMR on the online calculator and started back on the 28 day plan, the healthy eating snacks and healthy mummy smoothie recipes and have been super strict with sticking to that. I love the 28 day plan for this as all the counting etc is done for you! You just pick what you want to eat and it’s all there.
4: Believe in yourself- I think once I had accepted that the scales might not go down again it took sooooo much pressure of myself! Silly I know but it worked!!
I also implemented the advice given on the lbw website https://www.losebabyweight.com.au/breaking-through-a-plateau/
So throughout February I lost a total of 9 cms off my body so even if the scales hadn’t moved- I still know that I am shrinking!!!!
My measurements are:

  • Weight: 56.5kg a loss of 23.1kg
  • Bust: 79cm down 19cm
  • Waist: 68cm down 26cm
  • Hips: 82cm down 37cm
  • Thighs: 54cm down 15cm

Hope you are all enjoying the challenge! I am loving pushing myself to try new foods and exercises!
Stay happy and healthy xoxo
Kat Brown
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