I have been taking my daughter to several birthday parties over the past few months and it can be very, very hard to resist all of the party food that Sits on the table and stares at you until you eat it!!


So I thought I would share some of my tips.

  •  Always go on a full tummy- all the parties tend to be around lunch time so I have my healthy mummy smoothie before we go.
  •  Pack your own snacks like an apple and some almonds, very filling and sweet too.
  •  And if there is any fruit on offer go for that over a party pie with sauce 🙂

I have had a great few weeks with my exercise getting done every day thanks to the Healthy Mummy Exercise DVD.
lose_baby_weightWe had some friends over for tea and it was the perfect opportunity to get out my spring and summer cookbook!! We had the pork kebabs, chicken kebabs and the pumpkin and walnut salad- all DELISH!! I also made the sweet potato wedges (to keep the kids happy) from the calorie bible and oh my they were scrumptious!!
I finally got around to buying new batteries for my scales and to my surprise I had gained 1 kilo- now this DID NOT worry me at all as I know how hard I have been working using the Healthy Mummy Exercise DVD and I know that my gain is definitely LEAN MUSCLE as I have lost 2cm off my thighs and 4cm from my waist since starting on the DVD (I have been using it for a month now) and I can see the results in the mirror!!
In saying that I am very happy that the kilo I have gained is now gone again 🙂 And so far I have lost 18kg on the Lose Baby Weight plans
I have been loving my two healthy mummy smoothies a day and even the kids are having a smoothie a day (without the healthy mummy mix) one of their favs is green mango.
28 Day PlanI am still enjoying all the meals from the 28 day plan– I have been on the 28day plan since June this year and I am still not bored of the food, it’s way to delicious!
I am still continuing with my goal to drink more water and as the days go on it definitely becomes a second nature 🙂
I have started to re-visit my goal of running 5km as I am getting time to run again as my baby is settling earlier in the evening now.
I have a new goal for myself in November is to keep going and to push myself a little harder(as I know I can)- my husband is still working away on a 2/1 roster and I tend to become a woman on a mission when he’s not here, which is good in a way as I stay very focused on myself and I have the extra time to focus on my fitness 🙂
My measurements are :

  • Weight: 61kg (19kg in total)
  • Bust: 86cm down 2cm (total loss of 2cm since using dvd)
  • Waist: 72cm down 2cm (total loss of 4cm since using dvd)
  • Hips: 87cm down 1cm (same)
  • Thighs: 55cm down 1cm (total loss of 2cm since using dvd)

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