A HUGE thank you to Katie Osborne for sending in her weight loss story and progress to date. We LOVE hearing this fantastic news and really appreciate the feedback. Well done Katie – a fantastic result in 8 weeks!

Katie’s weight loss

“Hi Lose Baby Weight, I wanted to write in and give you an update on my progress as I have been inspired by so many others on this page and hope to give other mums the same inspiration – so please post on your website/Facebook.
I was REALLY skeptical about ‘diet shakes’ as I have always enjoyed real food but when you brought out the healthy mummy smoothies and I saw your videos on how to make them I decided to give them a go as they looked good and the approach seemed sensible and I loved how they were a product actually made for mums with great extra ingredients in and I loved how they were dairy free.
So I bit the bullet and bought the smoothies plus the 28 day diet & exercise plan.
I have always found it hard to stick to normal diets and with 4 kids to look after I am always tired and always seem to put my needs at the bottom of the list – which often means I eat a lot of chips, cakes and in general too bigger portions.
But I found your plans great. I had the smoothies for breakfast and as they were so quick and easy to make they weren’t a chore and I bought a head of frozen berries which were cheap and convenient to use and for the first time in around 10 years I was now having a proper breakfast with proper vitamins in.  I decided not to make too many changes in the first week – so just stuck to the smoothies for breakfast and they alone made a huge difference.  I had more energy in the mornings and my toilet habits improved massively.
Then on week two I thought I had better get more serious. So I followed the exercises from the 28 day plan and it was great how they could be done at home and I was managing to do most of the exercises 5 out of 7 days which for me seemed like a miracle.  I also started to have the healthy mummy smoothies monday – friday for lunch and then followed the recipes from the 28 day plan for dinner and when I didn’t have smoothies.
At the beginning of week 3 I weighed myself and I was astounded to have lost 3.2kg and was chuffed to bits! For the first time I was not finding ‘a diet’ a chore and was actually enjoying the food and the amount of snacks I could have!
I am now going into week 8 and so far my weight loss has totalled 7.5kg but more than that I have energy again and I feel my confidence coming back. I have another 10kg to go to reach my goal weight and I can’t wait to do it and with your help I know I can. Can’t wait to send my pictures in too when I get there!  Thanks again Katie Osborne”
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