Late last year Kate English sent in her pregnancy weight loss story to us and we were delighted to be able to publish her weight loss results after being on the Lose Baby Weight plans for a couple of months – and the results she had were amazing!
You can see Kate’s story that we have previously published here.
But on the weekend, we were once again blown away by Kate, when she sent in her final weight loss results after reaching her goal weight and losing a total of 17.5kg!! Wow! And doesn’t she look just incredible! Healthy, happy, proud and so fit – well done Kate! Below is the final update that Kate sent in.

Kate reaches her goal weight

Hi Lose Baby Weight, back in November I shared my weight loss story and had lost 10kg on the Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

Today I am so excited to share that I have reached my goal weight and have done it 7 weeks before the target date of my wedding day!
I have lost a total of 17.5kg, 63cms (19cms from around my tummy), am now in the ‘healthy’ BMI range, and my size 18 wedding dress is having to be fitted down to a size 10!
I feel fit, healthy and for the first time since high school I don’t get upset at the thought of having to look at myself in dressing room mirrors!
Thank you for the Lose Baby Weight program. You have given me the chance to give my daughter, my husband-to-be , and my friends and family a healthier, happier, more confident me!
Kate English
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.

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