Hi Lose Baby Weight  team, here is my pregnancy weight loss story…
Whilst pregnant with my daughter I gained 30 kg’s, I had taken on a while new meaning to eating for 2.
I ate everything and anything and definitely paid for it later on. I managed to lose about 20kg’s without following a weight loss plan, but I still didn’t feel very energetic or happy about my body shape.
I then came across Lose Baby Weight when my daughter was about 12 months old, it took me about 2 months to finally take the plunge and place my order and I have never looked back.
5 months after starting the Lose Baby Weight 28 day plan and replacing breakfast and lunch with the Healthy Mummy Smoothie range I have lost 10 kg’s and am down from a size 14 to my now wonderful size 10.
I can’t thank the Lose Baby Weight team enough for giving me my life back, I have more energy to play with my daughter and am able to control my cravings for cholocate (an important skill in my household where chocolate, lollies and buscuits are pantry staples).
Thank you for the amazing help and support along the way. I have another 5kg’s that I would like to loose but I have decided to now focus more on toning the few wobbly bits I have left (my middle section) and keeping up with the healthy eating and regular exercise and seeing where that takes me.”
Kind regards,
Kate Nielson
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.

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