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Kat’s Update

We went on our first family holiday for 4 days and I packed my blender, healthy mummy smoothie mix, 28 day plan, calorie bible and LOADS of fresh food to have whilst away. Well my blender got smashed even before we left (thanks to a wormy 10mth old!) and our portable fridge froze all of my fresh food!!
BUT I did not let ANY of this get me down or to tempt me into think “ahh I’m on holidays!” – As tempting as that was!!!
So instead of my usual smoothies (that I missed so much!) I enjoyed lots of breakfasts from the 28 day plan (after hitting the local shops to re-stock!) my favorite being the banana with ricotta on toast. I also enjoyed several of the wraps for lunches. We ate out for tea most nights and I opted for fish or steak with no chips but extra salad.
With our time away it has really shown me how far I have come by knowing how to choose the healthier options, how to re-asses your meals and to still be able to make a healthier option when a few months ago I would not have.
With putting my new food knowledge to the test, it has really made me realize how much I have learnt from lose baby weight and how thankful I am that I found them. Not just for the obvious reasons of losing weight but for the forever lasting food knowledge that I have learnt from them. I now know that I am 110% giving myself and my growing family the healthiest food that I can! And in return the healthiest life 🙂
I didn’t take my exercise DVD with me- I thought j would have a few days break and do lots of incidental exercise instead. We went for walks up to mountain look outs, walked around the local zoo for an afternoon (with my 10kg 10 month old strapped to me) and we played LOTS on the play equipment- racing to get to the slide first and jumping on the trampoline- whoa what a work out that is!! And I loved every minute of it! And I am noticing a real difference since I have been using the DVD – I am really toning up and losing cm’s!
I have been continuing to have LOTS of water and I have been spending the majority of the day outside with the kids.
KatWhen I got back, I have also been continuing with the exercise DVD – I am totally in love with it and missed my workouts whilst away! I have sooooooooo many work out DVDs sitting in my cupboard that the instructors suck or go to fast or it’s not the right exercises to target my baby body but this is!! I love it!!
My measurements are:

  • Bust:88 no change
  • Hips:88 up 1cm
  • Waist:74 down 2cm
  • Thighs:56 down  1cm

I haven’t been able to weigh myself as my scales have gone flat and I need to remember to buy batteries!
That’s not fazing me at the moment tho as my clothes have NEVER fit me this well! I am becoming more and more toned each day….. A size 10, I can’t believe it somedays J
I am still 6kg off my first weightloss goal, I am hoping to get there by the start of dec -so I am really going to be pushing myself!
I hope you are all making the most of the nicer weather and are trying to get outside more- you really do feel better for it!
Stay happy and healthy xoxo
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