My sister came to visit us for a few days and we haven’t seen her since before i started on my weight loss journey and she couldn’t believe how much I had changed!!! It is so rewarding when people notice the hard work that you have been putting in and I am so happy with losing 19kg on the Lose Baby Weight Plans


I Have had a great few weeks.
I have stayed on track 110% with my eating and I have also been challenging myself with my fitness by re-visiting one of my goals to run 5km. I am nowhere near being able to run for that long but I am getting fitter each day and I know I can get there!!
A lot of people ask me “how do I do it?!” With the 4 kids and a hubby who works away, it can be a challenge some days but as I have progressed on this journey exercise has become a second nature- I feel AMAZING after I have done it and that makes me want to do more!!
At the end of the day I can’t wait for a run to pump my tunes and have some much needed mummy time J
I have been mixing it up with my breakfasts this week instead of having my usual healthy mummy smoothie. I have had the eggs on toast and banana with ricotta on toast from the 28 day plan and the quinoa porridge from the winter warmer plan- delicious!!
I have still been enjoying a healthy mummy smoothie for lunch each day and I have been trying all of the ones posted for the smoothie of the week competition.
I have still been using the healthy mummy DVD – I love it so much! My kids normally do it with me using their “weights” that we made out of empty toilet rolls.
The weather has been not so friendly to us here in vic so the DVDs has come in very handy on the cold and rainy days as it is a great distraction for all of us!!
I have noticed that as I am getting fitter and more toned it is becoming a little harder for the weight to come off as I am building lean muscle as well. I am averaging around 500g a week so I am going to be pushing myself a lot harder and trying a few new things out like having apple cider vinegar before meals and drinking green tea to try to increase the kilos lost.
My measurements are:

  • Weight: 60kg down 1kg – 19kg in total since the beginning of June and using the Lose Baby Weight plans
  • Bust: 85 cm down3cm
  • Waist:71cm down 3cm
  • Hips:87cm down  1cm
  • Thighs:54.5cm down 1.5cm

I hope that you all have enjoyed the get ready for summer challenge, I know I have!!! And I hope you have all come close to or achieve all that you set out too!!
Stay happy and healthy xoxo