Waking up every morning to a helpful, motivating get ready for summer challenge email from lose baby weight is the best way to help me start my day with a positive outlook!
The kids are sick again, so I’m sick again and it is just another hurdle that life is throwing at me. But I will not give up!! so I thought I would talk about how I try to keep myself on track and motivated!


I have re-read almost all of the motivating mum stories and success stories off the lose baby weight website.  All of these women are so, so amazing!
I am also trying not to pressure myself- this is not a race! I re took a photo of myself and did a new comparison and it reminded me that, hey I have lost 16kg, GO ME!
Sounds a bit stuck up but you need to give yourself credit for the amazing job that we are doing, losing weight is not easy so make sure you congratulate and/or reward yourself for how far you have come!I have also stopped looking at how much I have to lose but changed to how much I have lost, 16kg gone forever!
And it’s only going to get better! So now I am feeling more motivated than ever to keep going and to not give up, I have come to far to stop my journey now!I have still been having 2 healthy mummy smoothies a day for breakfast and lunch and I am enjoying trying a different smoothie each time and love getting ideas from other mums off the Facebook page.
Summer_cookbookOne of my faves being Nicole’s choc banana.I have tried some recipes from the new spring and summer cookbook and my favourite so far has been the salmon with white bean purée( i have had it with both salmon, lamb and chicken) – so yum!!
My kids are enjoying trying the new recipes I have been making from the cookbook, calorie bible and the website, my 3 year old son loves to help me choose what to cook.We have tried lots of recipes this month like the healthy pizzas, protein cookies, crunchy chickpeas and oat bran muffins all of which are kid friendly to make- I always have lots of “helpers” 🙂
I have been increasing my water as it has been one of my goals. A good trick that works for me is to have a glass of water every time I go into the kitchen- with 4 kids that is at least 3 times an hour.I have also donated some clothes to charity- it felt amazing that they were too big (from a Sz14 to a Sz10!) and i knew that someone less fortunate will be able to use them.
It will be very rewarding when I reach my goal weight as my husband has said he will take me shopping as a reward for all my hard work 🙂 My measurements are:Weight: 62.8 down 600g- I have hit a plateau  but this isn’t going to stop me! Use your scales as your motivator!  I hope you are all enjoying the get ready for summer challenge and the nightly Q&A with the motivating mums on the LBW Facebook page!
Hope to talk to you all when I’m on next! Stay fit and healthyxoxo
And here’s Kat’s review of our NEW Exercise DVD!

Kat’s Exercise DVD Feedback

DVD“Wow, wow, WOW!! How amazing is this DVD!!
As a mum of 4 kids under 5 somedays can be a bit time poor for me and I can struggle to fit in any exercise, well not anymore thanks to Lose Baby Weight and this amazing DVD they have created!!
I love the instructor Lisa, she is just amazing! So easy to follow and she know’s her stuff!
I also really enjoy working along with the other mummies in the DVD, it helps me to know that I can be a yummy mummy just like them!
Also not only are the exercises broken down into 10 or 15 minute sections (which is totally manageable and from what I have already done whoa feel that burn!!)
It is FULL of information that any mum (new or not) should know about their body.
I am extremely impressed with the information about your pelvic floor muscles and how to look after and how to exercise them!
After 4 babies and countless pamphlets of information about how to care for my pelvic floor finally here is some easy to understand information AND exercises!!

I LOVE IT!! I really do. I have sooooooooo many work out DVDs sitting in my cupboard that the instructors suck or go to fast or it’s not the right exercises to target my baby body but this is!! I love it!!

And I did all of the workout and I felt it whilst doing it and I love it!!!
Thank you lose baby weight for this AMAZING DVD!!”
You can preview the DVD here

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