In August last year – four months post-bub – I realised my weight had stabilised at 86kg (11kg heavier than before I was pregnant), so I knew I had to take action and that is when I found the Lose Baby Weight plans and Healthy Mummy products.
I’ve lost 13 kilos so far – weighing 72.8kg this week. The goal is to get to 65kg by my son’s first birthday in April this year…that would make it a total loss of 21kg.
The lose baby weight website has been a life-changer. The regular updates, recipe ideas and motivation in the form of ‘real-life’ mums has REALLY helped.
I’ve never actually succeeded at weight-loss before…so this is a massive deal for me!  l love the Lose Baby Weight plans
I find the healthy mummy smoothies actually delicious and filling (unlike others I’ve tried in the past). I often find them the easiest option – particularly for when I’m working. I also keep track of my calories with a food diary.
However going through big celebrations like Christmas and Australia Day really knocks you around and can push you off track. But having a link to other mums going through the same struggles has really helped me see through the bad days.
I’ve come to realise it’s just a two steps forward one step backwards process
Thank you!
Kara Dubois
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