Kara has had struggles with her weight loss goals but since starting with the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating diet plans she has stopped her yo-yo dieting, has lost 10kgs and is losing her weight in a healthy and maintainable way.
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Hi, my name is Kara and I am a VERY busy mother of 8 children, ranging from 20 down to 1.5 years old. My house is always busy, chaotic and incredibly loud!
I’ve always been overweight, even as a young child. I’ve yo-yo dieted my entire life. In  2008 weighing 116.2kg (149cm tall) and super obese I took the drastic step and had lapband surgery. I had tried to ‘diet’ so many times and failed that I assumed this was my last option.
In the next year and a half I managed to get down to 56kg, my goal being 54kg but it was not without a struggle. The surgery helped me lose weight, yes, but I was miserable. I was unable to basically eat anything, I lived on almost air and an occasional bit of mushed up food if it decided it would stay in me.
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In 2011, while pregnant with my 7th child, my band slipped and was slowly strangling my stomach. I was booked in at 11 weeks pregnant to have it removed. My baby survived the surgery and my love/hate relationship with food continued.
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Five months after my son’s birth I ended up pregnant again and continued to eat unhealthily because I enjoyed actually being able to eat again. I was just shy of 100kg again after the birth of baby number 8 when I decided enough was enough.
I started ‘dieting’ again. I did well and had lost around 20kg before I found Lose Baby Weight but again, I wasn’t eating right, I was basically eating mostly porridge to fill me up and stick to my ingrained 1200 calories per day schedule.
I’m struggling to shift the last 8kg and have lost around 10kg since starting the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating meal plans and most importantly my mindset has changed for the better. I eat on the days I weigh in at night, which I never did and am now eating balanced meals on most days.
I am happy, gaining energy, loving the Lose Baby Weight plans, as do some of my 8 kids LOL! I feel more like I WILL achieve my goal weight and STICK TO IT!
I also want to say that even WITH physical limitations (I have been diagnosed with a health issue that means I live hour by hour as to how I feel), you can still lose the weight.
Being a mother of 8 children, many of which have health issues/disorders the Healthy Mummy Smoothies have become my new best friend, some days I just don’t have time to eat so being able to mix up a nutritious, yummy, FILLING smoothie is always a winner for me.
I also think that the love and support from each member of Lose Baby Weight is amazing. It just blows me away how supportive the community is. If you need help, there is always an answer, a friendly person, words of encouragement and just love.
Thank you Rhian and team for starting up such a wonderful site.
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