Hello, My name is Kaitie, I’m 24 and I’m so excited to be a motivating mum for the 100 days to summer countdown!! I have lost 15kgs with Lose Baby Weight.
Lose Baby Weight-15kg Loss

I’m a busy mum of 2, my beautiful little girls are 2.5 and just 7 months old, I also work part time so life is pretty hectic at the moment!
Ever since finishing high school my weight has been like a yoyo, similar to my previous diet plans. I find that I very easily put on weight, then when focused I can lose it again….Until the next time.
Like most of us I LOVE food, indulgent food at that, but that’s why this time is different.
Lose baby weight isn’t a fad diet, it is about learning you can eat amazing, healthy and delicious food every single day.
I’ve always been self conscious about my body and had a ‘pudgy’ belly that has lead to the embarrassment of being asked if I’m pregnant several times over the years, even before I had children.
During my first pregnancy I put on over 30kgs followed by a slightly better 20 odd kgs the second time around.
I’ve now lost 15 kgs since late January and over 20cm on my belly alone. I’m the lightest I’ve been in over 5 years and only 1 kg off my original goal weight. I have honestly found it relatively easy, with all the food variety and easy to do at home exercises included with the 28 day challenge and my latest purchase the healthy mummy exercise DVD.
lose baby weight
I’d been following lose baby weight on Facebook for a long time picking up so much food and healthy lifestyle knowledge along the way, I recently decided to up my commitment to lose baby weight and I became a member just before the July challenge. The food and flexibility is amazing but most of all I love the private online support group & the fact that all the plans are safe for breast feeding mums like myself.
I would love nothing more then to inspire others to start their journey and stay strong like I have and know that they can do it. You can achieve your goals no matter how little your budget is or how time poor you are.
My current goals are to-

  • Reach 59kgs
  • Learn to love my body
  • Tone stomach muscles & lose belly fat
  • Gain more self confidence
  • Be Wedding dress ready
  • Rock that bikini this summer!!

My Top 5 Tips To Be Summer Ready Are-


Meal plan, snack plan, sweet plan!
Shop with a list and STICK TO IT.
Know what you are eating each day so you don’t find yourself searching the fridge or pantry when you’re starving and eating everything in sight!
I prep sweet treats for whenever I need my “sugar” hit, I have a major sweet tooth and if I’m heading out for the day I take my snacks & lunch so I’m not caught hungry whilst driving past fast food stores.


whenever you can! Even if it’s 1 minute at a time..
Squat while your waiting for the microwave, while washing your hair. Playing with bub on the floor? Push ups, sit ups, plank. I also love the healthy mummy exercise DVD, it’s perfect when you have 10-15 mins and it even has a count down timer so you know exactly how long you have left, Perfect!


Simple. You can’t always make the perfect choice. But you can make the best or healthiest choice to suit your budget, your life style or your family.


Before meals, during meals, after meals.. Plain, with lemon, lime, strawberries & cucumber or mint.
options are endless.


Take measurements, weight yourself & take progress photos… BUT don’t only chase the numbers!
Judge by how you feel, be proud of every little change you make in the right direction, if you have a weak moment or a bad day, brush it off & start fresh tomorrow.
You have got this !!! Summer bodies here we come
Katie xx

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Lose Baby Weight-Challenge

Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

Mums lose an average of 4-6kg (8-13 pounds) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too!
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Erin Loses a MASSIVE 44.7kgs on our 28 Day Challenges
ATT_1432553421277_Photo-Collage-Maker_xoa48h (1)
Erin says: “I love the 28 day challenge! It takes all the guess work of “what do i have for dinner” and fumbling around the fridge looking for ingredients before deciding on something “easy” (and usually not healthy!) The best thing is, after doing my weekly shop once the shopping list comes out I have everything I need to make something HEALTHY AND EASY!”
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