My name is Julie and I am a mum of 2 – my healthy mummy journey started just over twelve months ago and I haven’t looked back.  Healthy Mummy products such as the smoothies, challenges and fantastic cookbooks have helped me to lose to date 30.2kg*.
Lose Baby Weight-30kg Loss

I first started healthy mummy by following the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Book along with purchasing a tub of vanilla Healthy Mummy smoothie mix!
This gave me a start but I decided the challenges would be an extra push and also a way to help me plan and track our meals for the week and with having access to over 1000 recipes there is always something to choose from.
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Not only have I lost the equivalent to my children’s weight combined plus a few more kg, but I have gained so much more confidence and have found I am a much happier person and have so much more energy!
The healthy mummy challenge and support  group on Facebook have been a great motivator especially when it comes to Fridays and seeing people progress and changes, and if you are having a hard time food wise you have someone to talk to who may actually be going through the same thing.
Sometime my journey hasn’t quite gone to plan, for example I returned from holidays, lost my mojo and am just not feeling fabulous like I was at the end of December.
Thankfully Healthy Mummy has taught me to push this aside and just start fresh as soon as you get the next opportunity.
To do this I have ensured I have planned my week with the help of the 28 Day Challenge and have the fridge stocked with healthy foods and also snacks in the freezer!
I am still kicking goals with my running though as I countdown to a half marathon towards the end of May and love the time I get on the weekend to clear my head on my long run – me time used to be escaping to the shops for a coffee and cake now it is running – oh how times have changed all thanks to this wonderful program and products.
Reassessing my goals for the remainder of the 100 days of summer is what I have been thinking about over the last week and I have decided that I would like to get down to 72kg – 3kg to get there, and then to hopefully drop to below 70 by my birthday mid March!
Julie xx
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