pregnancy_weight_lossWe absolutely LOVE Jo Martin at Lose Baby Weight.
Jo started the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating and weight loss plans when we first launched back in 2010 and with two little girls and a busy family life, Jo’s 20kg weight loss has been an inspiration to mums all over the country.
We have been privileged to be part of Jo’s weight loss and lucky enough to meet Jo in person when she came on the Kerrie Anne Kennerly TV show with us last year – and yes she looks even better in the flesh!(you can see the TV interview from that day below)
And we are so happy that Jo is a fan of our Healthy Mummy Smoothies too and we are delighted that she has answered a Q&A for us on how she has kept her weight off and has adopted a new healthy lifestyle for her and her family – GO JO!
Jo is just such a good example of a busy mum who enjoys food and has not starved herself to lose weight and has instead changed her outlook and now is a regular exercise – and is even running races so – which we are so impressed with.  I hope Jo’s story can help to motivate you too if you are having a tough time as Jo is one of our all time inspirations and we love everything she does!!

Jo’s weight loss & tips

Q. How much did you lose in total on the Lose Baby Weight Plans?
A. I lost a total of 20kgs in 20 weeks!
Q. What did you find most useful on the Lose Baby Weight Plans?
A. Many things – The convenience of it when I have 2 small children, the amazing support through, phone, web and email, the awesome daily tips emailed to me – even on Christmas Day!, The very inspirational website with it’s motivational stories, tools and recipes. I also LOVED the Winter Warmer and 28 day plan e-books. I have both and use them all the time.
Q. Did the plans change how you and your family eat food and exercise?
A. Yes and No. The smoothies were my main meals during the day and I still had yummy healthy snacks, but evening meals with my family were just the same (healthier versions of) as before. We still enjoyed them and ate as a family.
Exercise has definitely changed – now that I can do it! Before I had no energy and did no exercise. Now I go to the gym a few days a week, run for exercise on other days. One huge bonus is I can run around with my girls at the park now. They love it when I do that – so do I!
Q. Have you managed to keep the weight loss?
A. Yes! I’m even another 7kgs lighter now! Mainly through my new way of thinking about food. Having ‘Maintenance’ Lose Baby Weight Smoothies – not every day but when I need a ‘pick me up’ for some extra energy or need to get myself back on track and I love the new Healthy Mummy smoothie range. I also use the Winter Warmer and 28 Day E-books to help me continue to lose/maintain my weight.
Q. Would you and have you recommended the plans to your friends?
A. Yes for sure! I have ever since I started the program. Many of my friends and family have also used Lose Baby Weight’s and lost a load of weight. They are loving their new found energy and their pre-baby bodies back! Some were new mums and others that have older kids. It’s suitable for everyone. My Hubby was having one most mornings for breakkie with me!
Q. Any tips you would like to give to other mums wanting to lose their pregnancy weight?
A. Just don’t wait to start like I did. I was still in my largest maternity clothes with my baby was 7 months old, depressed and lacking any energy or motivation. My whole world has changed since doing the Lose Baby Weight programs. I’ve honestly never had so much energy. I’ve completed two 10km fun runs and hopefully more soon!
I weigh less now that I did when I got married!! It’s so simple and easy to do. I tried loads of ‘diets’ before but Lose Baby Weight is completely different – so healthy and safe (even when breastfeeding). I can’t recommend it highly enough!
Thanks Rhian for giving me my life back and my kids their ‘fun mum’ back xx
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