Jo Martin from QLD started on the Lose Baby Weight plans last September and has written a blog on how her weight loss journey which you can read below:

“Maybe this one will fit? No, way too tight.” That was my daily question I asked myself when I walked into my wardrobe – always nearly in tears. So on August the 24th 2010, depressed at how my weight at spiralled out of control, everything changed.
My baby was 6 months old and I was still in my maternity clothes…and they were tight. Something drastically had to change – and it did.
That day I started my own personal weight loss page on Facebook called Lose Weight Jo! It was just the shake up and reality check I needed. I decided to broadcast my weight to the world. I had never told anyone my weight before – not even my husband – so this was a huge deal for me. I was so embarrassed and humiliated – sadly, it was just what I needed to do.
Before_weight_lossMy page took off so quickly and so many friends and strangers came on board supporting me and some also shared their weight and their journey’s too – this was just the motivation and inspiration I needed….it was undescribable. It spurred me on and I haven’t looked back.
A few weeks and a few kilos later I came across and became very interested in their weight loss supplements and plans. It was something I’d never tried before and it sounded fantastic! I started a week later and to tell you the truth when I first started I wasn’t really sure at first as I had massive headaches and felt a bit flat. But on day 7 I woke up feeling alive and had so much energy it was unbelievable! Even before kids I’d never had this much energy! It was like my batteries had finally come off recharge.
I’ve been on many diets before – I’ve counted points and drunk watery, no flavoured shakes that made me feel ill. I had lost a bit of weight on those diets…but never kept it off. Lose Baby Weight supplied me with a ‘magical pink folder’ (as I like to call it) and reading it changed my whole way of thinking about food.
Before I’d save my ‘points’ up and blow them all on wine, Maccas or anything else I could get my hands on that I considered a ‘treat’ not seeing the big picture and thinking about what it was doing to my body. I now think about myself, my health and my family’s health in such a different way and I know it’s so much better for all of us – still trying to convert my Hubby on a few things – but he’ll get there! My girls (3yrs and 1yr old) are loving my new found energy.
I don’t just sit on the park bench anymore I get up and run around with them. I even go swimming at the beach – and I haven’t done that for a very long time! My 3yr old always asks me to dance with her around the lounge room and now I do. She has trouble keeping up with me sometimes!
I was still breastfeeding when I started their weight loss program and I began with 2 smoothies a day  It all made/makes me feel great inside and out! My nails, hair and skin has also benifitted heaps. Their products taste amazing  – I must say I am the queen of smoothie recipies and and still to this day after many weeks I get really excited about ‘smoothie time’.
Weight_loss_testimonial_resultsI started doing light exercises for weight loss in the beginning – mainly walking. I joined a local Mums walking group. We meet most weeks and I love it – great for both body and mind. I’ve also recently joined the gym and can’t get enough – Still to try an aerobics class or Zumba – want to tone down the ‘wobble factor’ a bit first!  It’s so crazy to think just 12 months ago I had trouble walking up the stairs at my place – now I run up my steep driveway pulling 2 x wheelie bins on rubbish day!
Of course I’ve had good and bad days on my weight loss diet – as we all do and I actually have had 3 gains since I started my page. They were mainly due to illness and injury – but depressing none the less. The following weeks I always lost what I’d gained  – plus more!
I cannot recommend Lose Baby Weight products enough. Plus their service, support, motivation is incredible.
I’ve been on the program for 28 weeks now and have lost 20kgs. My BMI has come down from 28 to 20 and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about that!!  Both of my girls are got christened at the end of March and all my family from interstate were there and it was amazing for them to all see them new me.
If you need to lose weight and are just sitting there ‘thinking’ about it like I was – get off your butt and do it. You have nothing to lose and SO much to gain. I have my life back now and have Lose Baby Weight to thank for that.