For those of you who don’t know me, I am Jodie, A mum to four, three in my arms and one in my heart. I’ve been doing the Lose baby weight program since Jan 2013 and love it. I started off at 130kg and today weigh! I am so excited, have lost total of 26.7kg so far and still going!
I believe that Lose baby weight has helped me re learn how to eat healthy- Its not just the Healthy Mummy Smoothies but also the program, the encouragement and support I receive. I am still feeding my little man, and really love that the shakes are safe for Breast feeding. In fact it’s the only one my dr says he will support mums who breastfeed in using.
Because my son is unwell we often get no sleep. I use to never eat breakfast, then be starving by midmorning and end up eating all sorts of thing to keep me going. But the Healthy Mummy Smoothies are awesome. They don’t have the powdery taste and really fill me up until lunch time. I also am eating so much more fruit too, which in turn my kids see me eating healthy. My favourite Breakfast shake at the moment is the “Banana and Berry Booster” (Page 144 The 28 day diet and exercise Plan)
I am a self confessed chocoholic- come on admit it; I used to easily sit and eat half a block of chocolate. I still want to every now and then, but I am actually amazed at how my thinking has changed. As an emotional eater it has always been my go to food. After some really busy and stressful weeks, I have been really tempted, but by using portion control, I am able to resist. Don’t get me wrong- I still have it, but in smaller amounts and I am able to be satisfied and not keep wanting more. My husband bought me a huge box of chocolate for Valentine’s day (bless him) but I know if I open it I will want to eat it all. So I just haven’t opened it! Sometimes I think it’s mocking me (hehehe) but So far I have lasted over a month! The old me it would have been gone in a night!
Healthy BakingAnd I love (ABIOSLUTELY LOVE) the new “ Guilt- Free Chocolate treats and Baking cookbook! My favourite so far is the “Coffee and Chocolate slice” page 22. It is so delicious, and healthy! Great snack no guilt. Next up will be the Chocolate French cake! (page 33)I will be trying it for my birthday later in the month!
The whole way through my weight loss so far I have been setting myself mini goals. I have set myself my next weight loss goal to be under 100kg by Easter. I have found I need to make sure my goals are achievable and realistic, but find it really helps. Each little milestone is a mini celebration. I cant believe that I have gone from a size 26 to size 20/22. Mind you my jeans keep falling down!  I do enjoy shopping for clothes and know soon I will be ble to go to the “normal” size section instead of the plus size all the time! Woohoo!
So tell me whats your next goal- 5 kg to lose- a dress to fit into? And how are you going to do it?
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