Hello again Lose Baby Weight Mummies!
It’s been two weeks since my first post as a Motivating Mum for March and in that time I’ve lost another 1.5kgs, taking my weightloss so far to 14.5kgs since December 2013 and using the Lose Baby Weight plans. 
The second weekend of March we had a family wedding in Sydney to fly to. Although I couldn’t take my healthy mummy smoothies with me, I was adamant I wouldn’t derail all my hard work. Luckily there was a juice and smoothie store right opposite our hotel (yay!) and I made good food choices for meals including sushi, stir fries and fruit. We had a great time away AND I stayed on track.
During the fortnight I’ve concoted my own smoothies as well as trying a heap of new ones (my new favourite is the Super Blueberry!), I’ve made batch after batch of Chocolate Chip Chickpea Cookies to keep up with demand and I’ve added pilates to my daily exercise routine. A big help this week has been the Calorie Bible for snack ideas. I got a bit lost with snacking and that section of the book has given me some fresh things to try out. I’ve also split my exercise up into two sessions throughout the day. In the morning whilst the kids are playing I do my core and strength work, then after they have gone to bed at night I do my cardio. It’s working well so far, and I’ve even managed to get hubby to do the exercise DVD with me!
Last week I took a photo of myself in the same clothing as a photo from December, and wow! – I couldn’t believe just how different I look now. People were telling me how great I looked, and my clothes were baggy, but I still couldn’t SEE the weightloss. I kept looking at the parts of my body that I felt needed more attention instead of seeing how far I’d actually come.
After reading a LBW blog post about hitting the halfway point in weightloss, I decided to take another photo; this time to show where my measurements were previously. This was so simple, yet so effective for my mindset.
So, from now until the 31st March I’ve decided not to weigh myself, only measure. I want to focus on what I have achieved so far and not go ‘number crazy’ with the scales. Also, my goal for the next fortnight is to write down everything I eat and to make sure my calorie intake is on track.
Good luck for the rest of March!
Jodie Koeleman
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