This month I am celebrating my one year LBWversary! That is, it’s been 12 months since I began maintaining my 35kg weight loss with Lose Baby Weight and I couldn’t be happier. I’m fitter and healthier now after three children than ever before.
Lose Baby Weight-35kg loss

Before losing weight I was tired all the time, I was classed as obese and I was gorging on sugar-laden junk foods each and every day…and I NEVER exercised.
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No wonder I was 98kgs and in a size 18! After seeing some very unflattering photos of myself I knew I had to do something.
I began reading about nutrition and how to look after my body on the Lose Baby Weight website. I saw truly extraordinary results from real mums just like me and I was motivated; I wanted their results to be mine.
I bit the bullet, ordered the Starter Pack and I have never looked back. In fact my only regret is not starting sooner.
I loved poring over the recipe books but when the 28 Day Challenges were introduced I was extremely happy due to the amazing content.
The Challenges have been integral during my maintenance phase and they have ensured that my meal plans are never boring.
I LOVE the 28 Day Challenges – The wide array of delicious recipes coupled with the customisation tool has meant that I can have something new every day if I like, or I can alter the plan to suit my weekly grocery budget.
My absolute favourite recipes so far are the Open Crunchy Sandwich, the Sweet Chilli Roast Beef Sandwich and the Pork & Pineapple Curry; all incredibly tasty and easy to make.
The daily exercises have kept me focused and I love that I am able to make them more difficult or easier depending on how I’m feeling.
Maintaining my weight has been easy at times and more difficult at others.
Getting the balance of diet and exercise right so as not to gain or lose weight has taken some getting used to.
Just because I’m finished losing weight does not mean I can eat whatever I like whenever I want – I would soon be back to where I started!
Although my weight really hasn’t changed during this year I have dropped a dress size thanks to lifting weights and running.
The articles on the Lose Baby Weight website about maintaining weight have really helped me to get my head around the balancing act between eating and moving.
This month my focus will be on continuing to improve my muscle tone and strength, something I am doing with weight sessions four times a week as well as cardio for the other three days.
Although we have our family favourite recipes, I’m also keen to keep trying any new freezable snacks that the 28 Day Challenge brings.
Bring on Summer!
Jodie xx
Get your FREE 28 Day Weight Loss recipe an exercise sampler here