I commenced my Lose Baby Weight journey in May 2013 and started using the Healthy Mummy products and Lose Baby Weight plans
I have now lost over 17 kilos, 16cm off my waist measurement and 13.5cm from my hips. I had an exciting day this week when I went to buy new work pants since I couldn’t keep mine up and found I am a size smaller now than I have ever been.
I am now venturing into new territory and losing weight that I needed to lose prior to having my babies! I don’t go for the biggest size on the shelf now and hope that it fits, for the first time ever, I can select MY size off the rack.
The weight loss on the scales has slowed right down for me recently. I have only lost small amounts but with so much crazy stuff going on in my life currently, I have been struggling to eat well and get exercise but with the healthy mummy smoothies the weight loss is still happening for me.
It is very important to record measurements as well as weight so that you can still see results when it feels like you are going nowhere. My kids think I am hilarious now that my butt fits on the slide. I had always told them that grownups were not allowed on the slide so they think I am being so naughty….when I found that I could fit I just went around and around and around….they were shocked!
I have recently started using the Lose Baby Weight exercise DVD. I choose to do the upper body and core workouts as this is what I feel that I need most for now.
I try to do the 2 sections (which takes 20 mins) at least every second day. I have been doing this for 3wks now and have really noticed a difference in my core strength. I have been thinking for such a long time now that I would need to get a personal trainer to help me start building core strength as I have never done it before, but the DVD is simple enough for a beginner like me with very poor core stability but also gives advanced options.
BeltI have included a photo of my crusty old belt….I told my husband a few weeks ago I was going to need a new one for Christmas but I just can’t wait that long – I need it now! You can see where I started stretched out on the very last hole.
Now I am comfortably all the way in at the other end. It’s good to have something like that as a reference of how far I have come. I am feeling good about my weight loss journey and appreciate the support of Lose Baby Weight and also my fabulous husband’s encouragement very much.
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