An enormous WELL DONE to Jessica Neave for sending in her weight loss success story with us. Jessica looks amazing and has overcome tough times to lose her pregnancy weight and has done it through our sensible and balanced healthy eating plans.
Jessica looks amazing and we are so happy for such a fantastic healthy eating and weight loss success story. Jess also wins a $100 Myer voucher for being a runner up in our Weight Loss Mum of the month competition for April – and you can see the other April weight loss winners here.

Jessica’s Story

“Hi Rhian, I just want to say thank you for making my journey to lose my baby weight much easier with Lose Baby Weight..
Being a mother (22) of to 2 gorgeous boys 15months and 13wks and 4days (they are very close in age 🙂 ), When I got pregnant with my first little guy it was great wasn’t the best timing as we were getting married 16wks after we found out, but very happy!
During my pregnancy i ended up having a liver condition which bought him into the world a few weeks early (emergency C-Section). 3 Months later we went on our first family holiday as my husband was deploying to Afghanistan for 8 or so months.
After my husband deployed i got a surprise that we were expecting our second little guy. I ended up having the same liver condition but worse which bought him even earlier( C-Section). But as I didn’t have the time after having my first child to lose any weight I thought to my self looking at the scales showing 70kgs, I was never going to loose the weight and I was just going to hate to look into the mirror.
One day on Facebook your add popped up so I liked your page. I really didn’t think it was going to help to be honest but I though why not. Reading everything on your website I started eating healthier and then a week after I decided to buy the 28 day Diet & Exercise Plan, and a smoothie plan for breastfeeding (with your great money back guarantee I thought how could I go wrong).
When I got to the 6wk mark I started lightly exercising and the weight started falling off and so did the cellulite 🙂 to my husband and my surprise! I am now happy to say that I am 16kgs lighter, 17.5cms around my waist smaller and 2kgs away from my goal weight and I am very happy!
I have also motivated My mum and my friends and it feels great..! I love the way I look in everything, I’d like to think I am a “Yummy Mummy”… Once again THANK YOU X”