A big thank you to Jessica Seadon for sharing her weight loss story of how she has lost 12kg on the Lose Baby Weight weight loss and healthy eating plans.  We are so impressed with Jessica’s fantastic results and her pictures are amazing!!

Jessica loses 12kg of her baby weight

“By 7th december 2011 I had had my second child Harrison, Makayla was still only 14 months old and as they were so close together I hadn’t lost the weight from Makayla.
So by the end of December I was a whopping 92kgs – I had put on 22kgs and with my wedding being in November this year I knew I had to get going and onto a weight loss plan, but didn’t know where to start.
But then I came across the Lose Baby Weight site while searching for losing my baby weight on Google and I knew I had to give it ago, so 3 months later and alot of hard work and yummy smoothies have lost almost 12kgs so that just leave me 10kgs till my goal weight by November.
I am so grateful for coming across this and having you and other members there for support and I now know I can do it and get to my goal! Thank you, Jessica Seadon”
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