A HUGE well done to Jessica for sending in her weight loss results – she looks amazing and should be so proud of herself!
“I have read all the success stories and they are such an inspiration. I imagine your inbox is full of them daily.
Still, I feel compelled to write you my own story because I have struggled so much with my weight all my life and I want to help others realise that they are not alone.
I’m not really sure how long it took for me to become obese. I was always a ‘big’ girl in high school. I remember weighing about 85kg in year 12 and I was about a size 16/18. Mum suggested I joined weight watchers, and I got down to around 70kg.
I was really slim for my validictory dinner…I thought my life would change once I became ‘skinny’ but the fact was that it was the beginning of a terrible 5-6 years of severe yo-yo dieting brought on by losing weight rapidly, not doing it healthily and above all, not learning actually how to eat right without being on a ‘diet.’
After I had my son, I wanted to lose the weight again and got back to 92 when I fell pregnant with my daughter!! I was a lot more careful with what I ate during my second pregnancy, and tried to walk a lot. I went up to 102Kg, and was 99.9kg when I got home from hospital last October. I had began to work out for myself what I should and shouldn’t be eating, and because I was breast feeding I really wanted to make sure I was giving my baby all the right things, but at the same time I wanted to start losing weight again. I was more motivated than ever, I now had two little ones relying on me to be fit and healthy. My worst fear was that my son would be teased at school because his mum was fat.
Finally after a massive Christmas dinner, I started my regime on boxing day and came across the lose baby weight facebook page around the same time. I followed it fairly rigidly at first, substituting out only the tuna as I really don’t like tuna!! Apart from that, I found all the meals and snacks to be super easy and yummy.
I had never been on a ‘diet’ that didn’t feel like I actually was on a diet. I couldn’t believe that I could still eat potato, bread, cheese etc and still lose weight. I felt awesome and after the first week I had lost 3kg. I was pretty excited because I started making alot more breastmilk and my daughter was happy all the time.
After the first 4 weeks on the 28 day program, I stopped having to look at the meal plans all the time. The program taught me about portion sizes and good choices and how to cook things that taste great without the use of flavourings and recipe sachets which are full of salt and sugar. This program has been the be all and the end all for me and I wish I found it years ago.
I know the snack list off by heart, and now know what I should grab when I am hungry. I have been following this plan now for nearly five months and I am down to 88kg. I want to get to 65kg, but I am taking it slowly. I know how to eat now. I bought myself a wii fit which was the best purchase ever. Nothing stops me from excercising – not children, not cold weather, not the dark, nothing!!
I can excercise whenever I want and it keeps track of my weight and helps motivate me. My new goal is to reach less than 85kg by my birthday this year, August 17, when I will be 30. Now that my goal is in sight I am more determined than ever. I am so grateful for finding this program, and although it has only contributed to a small portion of the over all weight that I have lost (29.6kg) I know that it was through this program that I gained the most knowledge and the most confidence to do it myself. This is something that I can continue for the rest of my life.
I am not addicted to junk food any more. I recognise that junk food is like a drug to me and I wont even touch even a small morsel as I know it will send me off the rails. I now treat myself to the occasional Skinny Cow Sundae or a few pieces of sugar free dark chocolate and I don’t feel like I’m missing out. I am making a new me. I could only cry last week when I dressed up to go out, and my husband was overwhelmed with how beautiful I looked. Thankyou so much for your program. I am going to continue on it and recommend it to everyone I know that wants to hear about it.
Kind Regards,
Jessica Peters”
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