lose_baby_weightI have always been insecure about my weight and always tried so many diets that ended up piling the weight back on after!
I’m only 20 so finding out I was pregnant during my 1st year of uni was a huge surprise and as my fiancé lives 2.5 hrs away studying ,only coming home weekends.
I guess my situation gets me down at times I miss having my best friend and support as well as all he misses out on breaks both of our hearts and typical me turned to food for comfort!
I was actually lucky enough to lose almost all my pregnancy weight a few weeks after birth however old habits die hard and along came the stress, boredom and easy to grab unhealthy snacks.
So many kilos started creeping back! I have been on the healthy mummy smoothies for two weeks now and have lost 3.5kg!!
I have so much more energy and even make my little girl a smoothie before me 🙂
It’s great having a plan of attack everyday knowing where you are going with your food and knowing that the healthy lifestyle I adopt will rub off on my daughter!
I also breastfeed and am loving the fact my milk supply is in tact as I love my breastfeeding journey and did not want to jeopardise it in anyway. So thank you so much for your healthy mummy smoothies they make every day of my lifestyle change journey enjoyable for me, Jessica
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