Jess’s weight has yo-yo’ed up and down between her pregnancies and she found herself in a pretty unhealthy and unhappy place.  After being introduced to our Healthy Mummy support community, she wondered how a bunch on women on a Facebook page could possibly help her??

Jess has shared her story with us about how our wonderful community helped her turn her life around for the better.

“Hi there Healthy Mummies! 

I’m Jess and I’m 27 years old with 3 munchkins.

After my first baby nearly 7 years ago, I got back into shape pretty fast. It wasn’t long until I was back in a size 10. Yay me!

I fell pregnant with my second and within months had put on 15 kgs. After I gave birth, my health went downhill and I couldn’t shift any weight. I was bloated and hated myself!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.30.09 AM

My relationship broke down and I lost all of my excess  weight plus more. It was in no way healthy. Depression took a firm hold and I went back to my pre-baby weight of a size 8.

I started a new relationship and because I was happier, went up to a size 10.

My 3rd pregnancy was rough and I put on very little weight,only 7kgs. That’s it! But I needed a c section with him. We had difficulty breastfeeding and my “happy” relationship was falling to pieces.

I got diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and so I began to eat myself “happy”. Yeah… That really works, right?

It wasn’t long until I was a size 16 – 18. I was down but I couldn’t bring myself to change.

My sons’ father kept saying I was still beautiful but I found out he’d been seeing another woman and I thought it was because I was too big for him.

I slipped into old habits of starving myself and lost 5kilos very fast. But I knew that wasn’t healthy and my health was already in bad shape. I didn’t want it to deteriorate further so started looking around for healthier options. I’d tried clean eating once before and it had helped. So I thought I could start off there, hell I even tried those diet pills because the labels said they were healthy. What was I thinking?

I was then introduced to The Healthy Mummy and Lose Baby Weight Support Group. I sat back for a few weeks, unsure of how a Facebook group of women I didn’t know would help me.

But it did! I saw so many mummies just like me, on the same journey, lifting each other up. I was terrified of failing in front of so many women so I stayed reasonably quiet. Once I’d lost 10kgs though, I knew I wasn’t going to fail. I was going to keep going and I was going to do this RIGHT.

I’ve used The Healthy Mummy Recipes,and discovered a new wonderful support network 😄

I’ve lost just under 15kgs so far, the scales aren’t moving quickly but my clothes are still getting looser. My arms are losing their flight ability AND I’m totally getting a great butt. I have never actually had one of those before!

It hasn’t been easy, my health needs a revamp BUT I’m doing it. And even my babies have noticed! I’m hoping once I get back to a fitter me, I’ll be able to run and play with them like I used too.

Things are looking up, and I have you mummies to thank!”

Thank you for sharing your journey Jess, you’re amazing and we are SO pleased that you are back to a healthy and happy you!

Love The Healthy Mummy Team xx

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