Wow, we LOVE the results and stories that mums send in about their weight loss journey and we are so happy that mums are prepared to share their weight loss stories as they provide so much inspiration to other mums and the feedback we get re inspiration and motivation on these posts is HUGE!
Which leads me to the amazing story that Jerin Lambkin sent in this week which is her story of how she has lost 30kg – and is determined to reach her goal of losing another 17kg.  Jerin’s story is INSPIRATIONAL and I hope that you all love her weight loss story as much as we do!

Jerin’s 30kg weight loss story

“I had a really tough pregnancy. My body tried to reject the baby i had Hyperemesis gravidarum (really extreme morning sickness) as well as other illnesses at the time. i was still throwing up 2 days after i had my daughter. There were complication at the end of my 4 day labour where due to the medications i had been on my placenta wouldn’t come away and i hemoraged. So it was all very traumatic.
After all was over and my pregnancy hormones decided to leave my body I could eat and not throw up again. So I ate and ate and ate. seriously you would think i was eating for the whole of Sydney! So I went from 80kg up to 95kg by the time my daughter turned 1 (2010). But somehow I didn’t realise or didn’t care as I was finally ‘living’ life again.
It took until February 2011 when I weighed myself at 116kg when I realised that i had been abusing my body and needed to get control. I was sick of feeling depressed and tired all the time. the most depressing thing was when I returned to work and even the ‘fat girl’ uniform wouldnt fit me, I had to wear the maternity uniform!
So I started walking more often and watching what I ate.  Then in September I stumbled accross the lose baby weight website and decided to give it a go. I was getting fed up and needed more guidence and inspiration, and the meal plans were fantastic!
I love the meal plan how you learn how to eat healthly and never feel hungry. I have my breakfast smoothie and usually have to remember to eat my mid morning snack as I’m not even hungry. since that day I have never looked back. It gave me the push I really needed to keep going.
I now feel good about myself and have so much more energy (which i great with the 2yo). I now do a 40min run, 50 min walk and 1/2hr resistance 5 days a week. Aqua aerobics/aqua zumba 3x/week, Zumba thursday nights and boxing saturday mornings. i’m so blessed to have such a supportive family both mine and the in-laws who take care of my daughter to help me get healthy.
The best thing is when I see people who don’t recognize me or when I see a patient at work who thinks i’m a new staff member when I’ve been there for 5 years!
I have now lost 35kg weiging in at 81kg, I still have another 17 to go but I am confident I will make it! my goal is by christmas!
Thankyou so much to Rhian without her help and the help of my trainers I am sure I would have fallen off the wagon and stayed off! We are all going to fall off the wagon at some time during our weight loss journey (binge eating, bad weekends etc) but the important thing is that we get back on!

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