Jemma wrote to us to share her story of how she lost 12kg of post baby weight before her wedding last month.
The photos say it all – she looks amazing and was glowing on her big day!
Well done Jemma and thanks for sharing your story of how our weight loss plans helped you.
healthy_eating‘My weight loss journey so far has been a long and bumpy road after I had my beautiful daughter.
When I was pregnant with my daughter I put in about 30kg.
I was basically led to believe that when I breastfed the weight would just drop off. Even though I was doing my best to eat healthy food, the weight didn’t shift.
Then I came across the Lose Baby Weight program. It has changed my mind set and way of life.
In the before photo I weighed 96kg and in my wedding photo (I got married last month) I now weigh 84kg.
Lose Baby Weight has changed my life. I now know how to manage my portion size and the best food to actually nourish and sustain my body.
The Lose Baby Weight Facebook Support Page with the inspiring other women losing weight also helped!
My goal is to lose another 10-15 kilos.
I have confidence that with my 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan and my Guilt Free Chocolate Treats and Baking Book, I will reach my goals!
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