Hi my name’s Jannelle, I have lost 8.4kgs  with Lose Baby Weight.
I’m a mum to a very energetic little boy who is 2 I’m so excited to be one of the motivating mums for September.
Lose Baby Weight-8.5kg Loss

I started my lose baby weight journey in June so I haven’t been at it for long. You might say I’m a work in progress but I have had some fantastic results and my life has changed so much!
I came across the lose baby weight Facebook page earlier this year and thought I would really love to give this a go but as always I didn’t until I seen a friend join up.
I thought to myself I have nothing to lose even if I gave it ago and failed miserably I would know that my mind and attitude towards my own health was heading in the right direction. I haven’t looked back, so far I have lost 8.4kgs and I have never felt better.
Growing up I was always the skinny girl who wore a size 6. I always ate whatever I wanted without a care until I turned 15 I started to rapidly gain weight and around the same time I also developed irritable bowel syndrome.
By the time I finished school I was a very unhappy size 16. I was never able to get on top of my weight and would always use my IBS as an excuse.
Then I had a tragedy in my life my mum got diagnosed with cancer and I lost her 11 months later I was only 19 at the time and I didn’t deal with it well and I still don’t think I really have 8 years later. So my weight just kept on piling on without me even realising.
I’m so lucky that I have had amazing man (who also happens to be my fiancé) by my side since I was 16 that has loved me no matter what size I have been.
In 2012 I finally got off my ass kicked my soft drink habit started eating better and lost 20kgs but I fell pregnant in the august.
I didn’t gain a huge amount while pregnant I think due to having very bad morning sickness but after I had my son I gained it all back and more!
healthy eating meal plans
Fast forward 2 years and I found the 28 day challenge and now everything has changed. Before starting I craved soft drink so bad I would crack it if I didn’t have it.
I was very much addicted to junk food I would very regularly go through the KFC drive though after work and get a snack box then it gradually turned into 2.
I suffer from chronic headaches so I would tell myself it would make me feel better eating it and help my headache when I took pain killers. I look back now and am embarrassed of how bad my mind set and food choices were.
I can’t thank everyone at Lose Baby Weight enough for helping me change.
The healthy mummy smoothies are really been my savour I love how easy there are and how much energy you get from them. I have one almost every morning if I don’t I feel like I have started my day wrong.
Before I joined the 28 day challenge if I didn’t eat potato in a meal I was not satisfied and when starting I didn’t know if I would be able to cut my potato addition.
All the meals have been amazing, they’re so filling and yummy I have hardly ate potatoes since even my fiancé loves the meals and has lost a few kg’s also.
Onto my exercise routine, I have mostly just been walking but I always setup a few exercise sessions with friends each week depending on our work schedules.
I also go on my exercise bike a few nights a week when I started I struggled to stay on it for a minute but now I can do 20 minutes straight. This is something I never thought I’d be able to do.
I have recently purchased a treadmill so hopefully by the end of September I will be able to report back to you with even more excitement in my words.
I can’t wait to share my progress with you all and help keep you all motivated throughout September and for you all to help keep me motivated.
Jannelle xx

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Lose Baby Weight 26kg Loss
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