My name is Janet Arcus and I have a 5 and a half month old son.
During my pregnancy I gained a whopping 24kg and felt, as everyone I have talked to does, like I would never see the back of it.
I have never been thin and now I felt like I never would.
A couple of months after my son was born I re-weighed in on the scales and had dropped close to 14kg.
I guess most of this was him (3.75kg) and fluid etc. This left me with the 10kg left to try to shift.


Seems like a straight forward process, eat less and the weight will go. Well that wasn’t at all the way it went.

Over Christmas and New Year I tried to stay away from the sweet stuff and yoyo’ed my weight another couple of kilos. Some weeks I’d lose, some weeks I’d gain.

So I tried eating fewer carbs, then my milk supply suffered.

So early February I was at 78kg and couldn’t work out how to shed the last 8kg to get back to ‘pre-baby weight’.

That was when I did some internet searching for a plan of attack and found the 28-Day Plan on the Lose Baby Weight program.
Well say no more, I was into it. I ordered the healthy mummy smoothies after reading other success stories and all of them raving about the products and began my 28-day stint.
The diet is unlike others I have done as the snacks themselves are so healthy and delicious that you feel like you are having the ‘treats’ you enjoy.
The smoothies are time friendly and the recipes online have some great ideas.
The daily emails that I pick up on my phone when I’m feeding the wee man are always inspirational so despite not wanting anyone to see me at my worst I thought the photos are often what keep me going!
So 28 days later I am down 4.7kg and on my way to shedding all the weight I gained during pregnancy.
But I will not stop there as this diet hopefully will get me down to my goal weight of 63kg.
Attached I have the photos I took on day 1, day 22 and day 28 so that you can see the changes.
They don’t seem like much yet but I am so happy with my first month’s progress that I wanted to tell you about it!
I have convinced my cousin to try the diet also and she has just joined the program and ordered some healthy mummy smoothies! I hope she also has the success that I (and so many others on your site) have had.
– Janet Arcus

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